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  1. Thanks to kluelos and The UnUsual Suspect for the replies. I have done the port forwarding manually, just a bit concern about the UPNP things. Well, if the speed will not be affected, I think I just ignore it then. Thanks again for the helps.
  2. Version of BitComet : 1.32 Type of Internet Connection : ADSL Modem : Innacomm W3400V Wireless Modem Port Forward BitComet : Done Window : Window 7 Home Premium Firewall : Window Firewall and 360 Firewall Antivirus : 360 Antivirus Speed Test : Hi, I am Leon, i am a new bitcomet user from Malaysia. I have read all the tutorials and successfully set up my listen port for my bitcomet and there are 2 green light at the bottom right of my bitcomet screen. However, I have notice that there is 1 problem in the statistics tab: UPnP NAT port mapping: Failed [uPNP device not found!] I have s
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