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  1. Thank you :) Will downgrade to an older version. *thumbs up*
  2. Hi there, thanks for checking out my post. First, let me say that I have VLC, Theorica Divx ;-) Codecs, etc. etc. Playing video-files is no problem, I "only" have to double-click the movie I want to watch, then choose what program from a list, THEN choose VLC and THEN there's this last message that pops up and asks me if I'm sure I want to open this. The option "always do this" is grayed out in both of those error-messages, and I'm starting to get a little tired of doing this over and over again, hehe :P I'm not complaining about your program, I love BitComet, and always have! It's probably not even anything wrong with it IT, just my computer/settings ..or something.. Sorry, my English kinda sucks, I will upload a picture that shows what I mean :P I guess my question is: is there a way to make BitComet turn the 100% downloaded and completed torrents into for example .mp4's instead of just "File"? Would really appreciate help here, it has never been a problem with earlier patches :P ..again: thanks for reading!
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