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  1. Hi, Thanks for your response. I see that MPCStar has amazing features, but lacks this one. VLC Media Player has this feature, which has a slider to adjust the play back speed to a custom required value. I love to use MPCStar, but becase of this requirement for me to play videos at 94% of the actual play back speed, I'm moving back to VLC. Hopefully this would be included in one of the future release of MPCStar. :) Thanks for your support. Regards, Vinay S
  2. Hi all, I want to slow down the video play back speed to a custom value, rather than the preset one. If I press { Ctrl + , }, the speed reduces to 50%, which is very slow. I want to set the playback speed to a value desired, say 92%. Is it possible? If yes, how? Thanks in advance. Regards, Vinay S
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