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  1. Hello. Bitcomet 1.62 - Win 7 64bits I have experienced a halt on the download after the main file/torrent reaches 99+%, sometimes with less than that, it stops receiving peers and this are torrents with lots of seeds and peers that download fast. If I start it over, it will have peers for a second and again will stop before it is complete. I heard there are blockers out there, how to prevent it? Firewall is offline. Bitcomet exe and some IPs are on antvirus (bitdefender) and antmalware (malwarebytes) scan exclusion list. Also the upload stops if there are no torrents downloading. thank you.
  2. Hello. The upload stops after download is complete - bitcomet V. 1.54 I believe I have made the best adjustments possible to allow the maximum upload, specially when there is no download going on, but none of the files upload after they finish downloaded and these are files that have lots of peers. Thank you.
  3. Hello. Why, sometimes, the options "Share this task in torrent share" and "bypass Task Seeding Rules (task always active) go inactive (unselected) by itself? I mean that I selected it, and after sometime (days, weeks) I look again and it is unselected? Can the antivirus or antispyware or alike do it? Thank you.
  4. Dear fellow shares, this torrent stopped, probably removed, when is was at 95.3% loaded - ee86c3c3e4883fdd83a7fdafa4202628e96511c0. Does anybody knows if it was replaced for a different torrent? Thank you.
  5. Dear sir. I am unable to login with the bitcomet download program for a couple days now, yet I have logged in here with easy. I understand it may be a server problem, nevertheless it is always a worry that it may be something wrong with one's computer, thus for a latter version that could be some kind of automatic message from the login in the program telling the user that the server is down. Thank you.
  6. What if there are peers and seeds and every time it starts to download (at 85.2% has done) and it shows a message: "stopped (error: access is denied)???
  7. What if there are peers and seeds and every time it starts to download (after some 80+% has done) and it shows a message: "stopped (error: access is denied)???
  8. How come, even when you allow the torrent to stay on bitcomet with "share this task in torrent share" selected, it still does not show any upload? sometimes even in a torrent that was very fast and that you know has a lot people sharing it? what to do to make sure it will go at least to 1.00 ratio? Although I like to leave it to at least 2.00 to make sure it is alive.
  9. Hello, what if there is only one file and it keeps stoping downloading over and over?
  10. I usally leave everthing I download for twice the time it took to be fully downloaded, thus leting people have it. Nevertheless sometimes it shows: Availability 0%, how come if I leave it there with all the task proerties selected to enable the upload with the best of my (not so fast) Internet band. Am I doing something wrong? I apreciate any sugestions. Thank You.
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