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  1. Windows servers are mssing some parts that are used in Windows 10 Bit Comet is NOT designed to run on a server Sorry about that but that's how it is (there are a lot of other 'domestic' apps that won't work either as a server is not desined to operate as a workstation per se) You could try what I do here and multi-boot (I run Windows 7, 10 Dev version and Gentoo Linux - I just select which one I want at the time using GRUB (and BC doesn't run on Linux either)
  2. It's possible that either there is no-one seeding or that your ISP has throttled your access. The app itself is working fine here I take it you have two green lights at the bottom right (and that you have configured ports anmd static IP on your router)
  3. Greetings and other felicitous salutations
  4. Most of us just ignore that part and use our own preferred sites
  5. Possible fixes Disable anti-virus for installation (and start it again after install completed) Install 'as administrator' Try 1.75
  6. It hiccups now and again - just keep retrying (the auto-retry doesn't always work)
  7. Use a VPN - we don't permit 'suggestions' to sites here
  8. Welcome aboard - but you have to supply your own beer
  9. You don't alter the ports set by the VPN in the software - you set the open ports in BC to MATCH the VPN ports
  10. That's usually a symptom of lag. You could try reducing the download limit on BC but, even then, it mightn't be enough. What is probably happening is that the game servers are being overloaded (possibly due to the increased numberof people playing online during lockdowns) and that reduces the amount of bandwisth for individual players. Having BC running simultaneously eats into your own bandwidth and, if the game speed is reduced too far, it will crash out. It's not a related issue, but anotherthing thatcan cause hiccups in online gaming is A/V scanning. This is a known issue in Second Li
  11. The default value for DHT is, if I recall, 1,000 magnet files. If you're downloading more than that, there's something wrong with your setup. Try deleting all the entries in Torrent Exchange and see if that improves things
  12. While it's possible that you have associated magnet files with a prticular website, it's equally possible that your source for magnet links is bad. I'd try a different source - you could be clicking on a spam link and not a proper magnet file However, check on your 'associations' in your browser. This is what it looks like in Firefox (other browsers may be different) but if it says anythimng other than Bitcomet, delete the entry
  13. Tracker errors are not only possible but to happen. Look ay thje bottom of the 'statistics' window and you'll see the number of 'DNS failures'
  14. Amarsi - that sounds as if you are losing the connection to the trackers. It's obviously not a common issue (or this thread would be full of 'me too' posts). Now, whether the problem is between the computer and router or the router and the trackers, I honestly can't say. It could be anything, including out of date network drivers, router firmware or even your ISP interfering (mine used to do that at one time and slowed down any transfers if they felt I was using too much bandwidth). It could even be a windows issue. As I said, it's unlikely to be BC itself or we would have a huge num
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