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  1. It's quite possible that the website is blocked by your ISP - I'd suggest using a VPN to access it. Firefox has several free (but limited) ones available in 'add-ons'
  2. '403' is a web error message saying you are not permitted to visit that particular site. Check here for details. You obviously did log on to the forum (or you wouldn't be here to ask) The settings will be in your browser
  3. Check that you are actuaklky logged into the forum (it sometimes works better if you access it from the menu bar in BC and not directly). Also check on your settings for search
  4. I've seen it do some strange things but never a reset. Did you do a fresh install and maybe a different e-mail/password??
  5. There actually isn't a problem - background running apps eat up memory
  6. Actually this problem was covered in a pinned post way back at the start of the year
  7. Check that your anti-virus isn't flagging it due to the bundled apps. It's a known issue
  8. Go to 'Test' and add the feed from wherever you have stored it
  9. Look closer - at the bottom there is a space where you can enable RSS, set the feed and include or exclude keywords. You have to fill those in yourself
  10. It's under 'Options' in the top menu bar
  11. Memory usage can increase if there are a lot of files being transferred (up or down). I've 5 torrents running and memory usage is almost 500 MB. You also have 7 instances running (I have 2) Note that 'memory' doesn't just refer to RAM - it also takes in pagefile
  12. Been asked for many times - unfortunately it's not going to happen. Our programmers don't get paid and any Linux development would take a lot of time
  13. Like every installable app - it HAS to be installed on the 'C' drive. The only ones that don't install there are 'portable' apps that have their required .dll files, etc in a self-contained folder. Some apps will let you mount a part on other drives, but the main parts will go to Program Files (or the x86 segment). That's why the folder is called 'PROGRAM FILES' - that's where programs go
  14. I actually said to use a fixed LAN IP number AND set the port to match that
  15. For the Forum - you had to register to post For the appp - go here (but you could have found it in the 'help' file):
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