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  1. Maxwhite - if you had read this thread you would have seen that we do NOT permit links to any other sites
  2. OK - first of all you ahould be aware that support for Windows 7 will end in a matter of weeks and it will be left open to any hacks/bugs/whatever after the new year. Your best bet is to set up a fixed size pagefile, preferably on another drive (any fast drive will work). Make it 1.5 times your RAM for both min and max values. The fixed size stops it fragmenting. Chack in Task Managerfor any background running apps (it could surprise you what can be there). Also, do a 'clean-up' on you rdives - google for an app called 'puran' that will do all the checks you need (it's free)
  3. What size is your pagefile? You may think that, with 32 GB, you don't need it, but you actually do, especially when multi-tasking. I have 24 GB here (that's the max on my i7) but I also have a 32 GB pagefile (I multi-boot and have Linux on one SSD and W 10 on another) - swapfiles for both are on the other drive to stop disk 'thrashing' when accessed (pagefile.sys on the Linux drive and the Linux swapfile partition on the W 10 drive)
  4. I'm not a Mac user, but can you turn off the A/V detection during the install? It sounds as if that's the cause of the block
  5. Check that you have ALL the files from the .torrent. Quite often a small portion of the main file is incorporated in the .nfo or .txt files
  6. Firstly, disk usage has nothing to do with download speeds Secondly, do NOT post links to third party sites
  7. The 'ratio' is the amount of data transferred compared to the original download. A value in the sharing column of '4' means you have sent 4 times the amount of data in the original download (4:1) By the way, it's always best to start a new topic for questions - not attach it to one from eight years ago.
  8. You also have a blocked port. If you are using a router, you need a fixed IP number on the computer with port forwarding set for that IP in the router
  9. It could be a server error, but besides that, you are running a very old version (you have 1.54 - current version is 1.59) You also have no downloads or uploads running
  10. The usual cause of 99.9%is an incomplete file (usually a .nfo or .txt file). With small files like that, what happens is that part of the main file is in that chunk and if you deselected it (or the seeder doesn't have it) the main fill will be incomplete
  11. Please try to understand - Azure is NOT designed for local storage - it's for cloud storage. If you feel that it should be able to handle larger files, please take this up with Microsoft. File size limitations are a product of the hard drive file system - not the applications
  12. Azure file system is a cloud based system - NOT a hard drive system. You need to set up your drives to handle NTFS and only uxse Azure for any cloud storage https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/files/storage-files-faq
  13. Firstly, the question was about an AUDIBLE' ping' noise - not a question about pinging a net address Secondly - you do realise that was asked THIRTEEN YEARS ago? 🤣
  14. A VPN doesn't slow the system down - it simply hides your IP number so you can't be traced. It doesn't come free - you'd have to shop around to find the cheapest (it's against forum policy to make recommendations here). What you could try is to alter the internal port - you need to set up a fixed LAN IP (like and allocate a port number to that in the router. Then set BC to use that particular port. That may help - no guarantees
  15. In regards to the need for a hash check, are you simply killing the program or using the 'exit' option? Even if you do a restart from the start menu, it will do a 'soft' exit and restart with no problem. Doing a 'hard' reset will cause problems with the downloads. Regarding the second issue - all I can do is recommend you use a VPN
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