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  1. It's a computer - strange things always happen It will do a hash check and then start to fetch any missing parts - it won't start over again unless there are corrupted files
  2. That's the one - sort by type and all the ones with a comet are the .torrent files They shoul start in the download folder but it will ask if you want to start as thereare incomplete files (or words to that effect). Click 'allow' and it may do a hash check but then it will start seeding again
  3. Look in torrents folder and double click the .torrent files
  4. If the files are still on the hard drive, you may have to go to the app data folder (it's a hidden folder in C:\Users\<name>) and restart the torrents there.
  5. Move it out to another ocation and try playing the video. If it fails, move it back. However it's not a file extension that I can recollect coming across - it could be a corrupted part of a download
  6. Nothing you can do - just hope for someone with a fast upload who has all of the file
  7. Unfortunately you can't as the program needs to be 'active' to add trackers, etc and that means it will pop up
  8. It won't happen - we've asked for a Linux version for years and that hasn't happened either. Download on Windows or Mac and transfer it to a card - then use the card on the Android (or just link the Android to the computerand transfer it)
  9. Seeds and peers are simply what is available. You can't 'increase' them - just hope that someone who has the complete file (or the missing parts) comes online . The info is in the .torrent file you downloaded (which contains the trackers). You could add more trackers manually, but there's now ay of knowing what files are available via any particular tracker
  10. It's ALL files that are stopped which can be accessed for LT seeding. What files are being used depends on who is looking for that file (and is also using Bit Comet)
  11. Long Term Seeding will continue to upload even when all tasks are stopped. It only uploads to other clients that have that facility. To stop it, you have to disable long term seeding in options
  12. AsI said, the file list is in appdata\roaming and you need to combine the folder from both machines.
  13. You'll need to set folder view options to show all files and folders. Go to C:\Appdata\Roaming and copy the bitcomet folder from there and try merging it with the new one. It will ask if you want to overwrite a file - you can either say 'n' or you can rename it to 'whaterev2.torrent' and then delete all the *2 files
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