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  1. Rhubarb

    Bug in BitComet 1.53 (64) Windows

    Try using the 'Forum' tab in the program to connect. Regarding the scoring - all that happens is that, as you increase in 'rank' you gain the ability to access more long term seeds. However, as I've never actually seen more than a dozen or so on any of my downloads, it's not that big of an advantage.
  2. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet 1.54 - FAKE

    Some of the torrent sites are carrying a 'bitcomet 1.54.torrent' file. This is NOT a supported version (the current version is 1.53. Do NOT download or install this version
  3. Rhubarb

    Kapersky treats bitcomet as virus

    First of all Dave, never EVER post your e-mail address on a public forum (unless you really want to end up on a spammer's list) Regarding Kaspersky, this is a known issue and is, in fact, a false positive. It's down to the optional bundled software in the installation (you can accept that or reject it - but it does help pay for the servers). What I do normally is to turn the A./V off during installation and turn it back on afterwards. Despite what a lot of people believe, when any software package asks you to 'stop all running programs during installation', it does mean ALL.
  4. Rhubarb

    Bug in BitComet 1.53 (64) Windows

    You're luckier than I am with the 'score' Mine runs from 4500 ranking to 4600 and then back down - then goes back up again LOL Anyway, it's all for fun (you can't buy beer with the points)
  5. Rhubarb

    Bug in BitComet 1.53 (64) Windows

    There may be a problem with the installation. I use 1.53 here and my score was never reset (it does have a problem in that, most days, I can't score more than 20, but that's down to the server database if anything). There is a problem with the piece map, but that's not relevant here What you could try is a clean install (use Revo uninstaller in moderate mode to clean up the registry, etc) and then install it again. Your score isn't stored locally, but on the servers and it's possible that something in your system isn't sending the correct information. You will, of course, have to replace the torrents you have: copy them to a USB drive and then restart them. Sp long as the download folders are in the same place, all you should have to do is a manual hash check.
  6. Rhubarb

    Bug in BitComet 1.53 (64) Windows

    You need to switch the A/V off during installation and restart it when it's completed. The problem is that there is an optional install of other software (that's what pays for the BC servers) and some A/V programs don't like it. It's NOT a virus or a trojan.
  7. Rhubarb


    The sites may be out of date. All you can do is start the torrent and wait.
  8. Rhubarb

    Cant seem to upload

    Did you add trackers?
  9. Rhubarb

    microsoft office

    You'll have to ask elsewhere - we don't supply stuff like that Anyway, go and get Libreoffice - fully MS compatible and free
  10. Rhubarb

    Better UPLOAD speeds

    Having more than a handful of trackers causes problems. Not alone with the upload speed (which is nothing to do with the trackers) but you can have trackers being hammered (which is NOT a good idea).
  11. Rhubarb

    Better UPLOAD speeds

    That has nothing whatsoever to do with the original post. Adding a monumental list of trackers actually slows things down (as well as being bad manners)
  12. Rhubarb

    RSS feed

    You do realise you are replying to someone who hasn't been here in over two years?
  13. All I can do is advise - and part of that advice is that Kaspersky is known to have issues with some apps. It's not just BC. Additionaly, I'm part of the windows insider group (on skip ahead/fast track) and it's a known problem there for running A/V to really mess up an installation. Kespersky has also been known to cause problems with Firestorm Second Life viewer. I actually started with a ZX81 (and the wobbly RAM pack) and I build my own computers now.
  14. No - they're NOT. The standing instructions on most apps is to close ALL running programs and that INCLUDES the A/V. However, it's your choice - if there was a problem, it wouldn't have downloaded to begin with, but just as a FYI - I'm retired and I've been working with computers (professionally) since 8 bit days, but it's your choice to use an A/V program that is giving a false positive.
  15. Rhubarb


    I don't think anyone here can do that - double check that your e-mail, user name and password are correct