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  1. Asked and answered two years ago If you have suggestions for the devs, then post them here as a new thread
  2. You do realise that the other guy hasn't been back for almost two YEARS? Always check dates to avoid necro-posting
  3. It's possible that the other peers don't have the parts you need or they are already uploading to others (with other files) at their maximum speed.
  4. I don't use MPC myself so I can't be specific, however it does sound like a buffering issue (where the computer has to pause before running the next segment. The normal causes of that are lack of memory or too many background apps competing for CPU time. You could try increasing the physical RAM or increasing the size of pagefile.sys (set it to a fixed value roughly double the physical RAM for both maximum and minimum values (tyhis will prevent its fragmentation if it's left 'floating'). Close down any background apps (open task manager to see what they are) and you can also monitor CPU u
  5. As I said, this is a Windows issue (the necessary APIs to run BitComet just aren't there in the Server OS) What you could try is to dual boot - a separate hard drive or disk partition running W 10
  6. Please understand - Servers are NOT designed to run as workstations and are missing APIs that enable some apps to run. There is NOTHING that can be done here - if you want to run a workstation then do NOT install a server OS
  7. I'm afraid that's the problem - a lot of apps are simply not designed to be used on servers and there is no way round that. A server OS simply isn't designed to be used for anything other than what it says - a server
  8. I'm running 1.73 here on W10 (well the Dev version of W 10 Pro - think 'unstable') and the only problem I've been able to reproduce in previous versions was a failure to delete files from the app itself. Setting the main ap .exe file to 'excluded' won't fix any problems (the only reason I set it at all on the download folder is that Adawara (and Defender) tend to delete any keygens which may be bundled). Running setup with A/V off is because the A/V software gets indigestion with the bundled software. You may have a problem with your W 10 installation (that's been known to happen) an
  9. The 'padding files' are created by BC when a torrent is created from a folder (multiple files). While other apps may not use them, they can quite often 'overlap' torrents (there the beginning or end of a file is actually contained in the bits of the preceding or subsequent file. Asfor the difference in operation, there are several things to consider - first of all, Gnu/Linux is NOT Windows - it's totally different, Windows can be slower but that's all down to how its network is set up, port forwarding and so on. Download speed can also vary depending on the number of seeds and how fast th
  10. Turn it off before installing (the software used for the bundled apps triggers the A.V). Onceinstalled, I always set the download folder to 'excluded' as some keygens also trip the A/V Defender is a stand alone app - it doesn't depend on main Windows updates but does its own updating (usually un-noticed) and can hit .exe files if it thinks they will alter the contents of the registry
  11. It happens from time to time and we just have to wait for someone to reset the database. It doesn't affect up or downloading - only the 'points' (which are a bit of fun really - they don't buy beer)
  12. One thing you could try - increase pagefile.sys to double the value of your RAM and set that as both maximum and minimum values (thet prevents it fragmenting). From what you are describing, you mave a 'mempry leak'
  13. It could still be a Windows problem. I'm running W10 (Developer version) here and don't have any problems with BC and emule running simultaneously.I've tried to reproduce the error and can't so I have to admit that I'm totally stumpeds beyond suggesting that you back everything up and re-install all apps from scratch
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