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  1. You would have to google for it - we don't allow links to torrent files (for legal reasons)
  2. While theoretically Ex(tended)FAT canhandle files up to 128 Petabytes, it's possible that the Mac version of FreeBSD is limiting the amount that can be transferred. Noit being a Mac person (well not since they switched to Intel CPUs and the Marklaar engine under the desktop) I can't give a specific answer By the way, necro-posting is a very bad idea - start a new thread of your own if you have issues rather than a 'me too' on a thread that has been dead for years
  3. Top right corner - click on your user name and go to 'account settings'
  4. It's still a huge number - as you said yourself, clearing the files fixes the problem. Did you try reducing the amount and see what happens then?
  5. I would seriously consider stopping a lot of files. In fact I'm surprised to can manage any transfers - the amount of sheer processor power and bandwidth needed would be horrendous. My 'rule' here is, unless it's a file that I'm personally seeding, I automatically stop all uploads when I have a 4:1 ratio
  6. Do you mean you have 310,000 torrent files or 310KB shared files? I sincerely hope it's the latter LOL Hanging - there could be a number of reasons - you're upload speed is too close to your maximum set by your ISP and there is insufficient bandwidth for receiving staions to 'handshake' you may need to increase your swapfile capacity your anti-virus may be scanning the files (I download to a separate hard drive and only scan when opening a file (the destination drive is excludedfrom automatic scanning) you may have insufficient space on your drive for any temp files needed
  7. The A/V and firewall shouldn't have any effect on the log-in (only on data transfer in the case of the firewall and possible deletions in things like keygens for the A/V) so the only thing left is your log-in procedures. The log-in only affects the 'scoring' (which is just a bit of fun really - points don't get you any beer). While it is remotely possible that you have corruption somewhere that is blocking it, you could try a clean re-install but I doubt that would be the issue - it's still more likely to be a problem with the data on your end (a misplaced upper case letter for a lower, entering a zero for an upper case letter O or vice versa),
  8. Something may have corrupted in the upgrade. Did you try a clean re-install?
  9. It seems to happen now and again (that the registration server goes down), however, it's usually back up and running inside a couple of working days. At the moment it is working - cgeck your login and password (your registration e-mail will also allow you to log in as an alternative to your registered 'user name') Apart from thet - check for typoes (incorrect capitals, etc)
  10. With almost every update to BitComet, we get a short flurry of posts complaining about a virus or trojan. There isn't one! If there was one, the forum would be swamped with complaints - that doesn't happen and we only get a handful of people claiming that it is 'infected' However, perhaps this will help explain why it happens (from the installation notes on another app) "This release's binary is packed with an executable/dll compression tool to reduce his size (for an easy and quick upload/download). Unfortunately, some of these compression programs have a bad reputation in the security software industry, mainly because almost 99% of trojans/worms/etc. are packed with similar tools (or variants of these), and this self-unpack behavior is taken by some antivirus apps as an alarm signal. Basically, this means that any trusted program packed with one of these tools can be erroneously detected as a virus, something known as a "FALSE POSITIVE"." The 'cure' is simple - once the program has been downloaded (and any respectable A/V app would have scanned it on the download), TURN OFF THE A/V BEFORE INSTALLING and turn it back on after installation is completed. If there had been anything nasty in the file, the A/V would have caught it during the download.
  11. That is a split set of an archived file, which needs to be opened using an archive app such as winrar. 7zip is free (and it looks as if it was used for that set). You install the app and open the first file in the series and then extract the original (it will combine the parts automatically)
  12. First of all, you asked for advice in helping to uninstall the app. You were given advice which you chose to ignore. You complained about a non-existent 'styep by step uninstall manual' bundled with the app and started complaining when it was pointed ot that none existed anywhere in the known universe You moaned about being advised on using thired party apps to uninstall - then posted a link to a third party uninsttall procedure Obviously you are only here to complain and want a refund and there is no point in providing you with a platform to vent your dislike of a free app.
  13. You seem to have a problem understanding what was said. What I did say was, that in all the years I've worked with computers that I never saw an " all publishers usually have a detailed step by step procedure " which you claimed - and as 'support' for that you posted a link to a website? That's hardly publishers' step by step instructions - it's more that 'third party' approach you derided. As I said - all we can do here is offer advice which you can accept or reject - the choice is yours. Just don't go round claiming that you have seen things which no-one else has.
  14. I've never in all my years using computers (going way back to 20 MB hard drives and 5 1/4" floppies) ever seen a 'detailed step by step procedure' for uninstalling (and I have used Macs but that was a lot of years back and was before they switched to Intel CPUs and hacked Free BSD as the OS). We're volunteers here - we'4re not devs, nor are we paid - all we can do is offer advice, which you can take or leave, the choice is yours, but, for what it's worth, most 'uninstall' procedures are never 100% efficient and do leave traces behind - hence the third party apps, but, as I said, it's your choice whether or not to use that.
  15. Unfortunately there are very few Mac people here. All I can say is that in Windows, it's very easy to remove (either by the windows default settings or by using Revo uninstaller). I have heard that there is an app similar to Revo for the Mac (Macbooster) but I can't verify that myself
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