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  1. Rhubarb

    name as [unknown]

    If you 'stop' the download, you can rename it and restart it. Personally, in all the years I've been using BC, I've never seen that happen (but computers do strange things at times)
  2. Rhubarb

    The newst tracker list

    Go to Options > BitComet > Tracker and clear that list. You can also manually remove trackers on each file shared
  3. Check that you are logged in correctly (user name and password) Also, please try to post in English Verifica di aver effettuato l'accesso correttamente (nome utente e password) Inoltre, prova a postare in inglese
  4. Rhubarb

    Piece Map

    You're right - I hadn't looked (I've no running downloads at the moment - just uploads) but the 'piece map' just shows a blank. I did notice though that it appears for a moment when you switch files.
  5. Rhubarb

    New in Bitcomet 1.53

    There is no 'trojan'. What is happening is that some anti-virus apps think that installcore is one (it isn't) There is a big difference between a trojan (something that installs an unwanted app on the computer) and a virus (which attacks files already there). In the case of installcore, you do get an option whether or not to install the bundled software (which coincidentally, this time round, is a trial version of Symantec/Norton). It's the bundled commercial software that pays for the servers.
  6. Rhubarb

    Big Welcome!!

    My goodness - My Guinness LOL
  7. Rhubarb

    progress bar column

    Guys - right click on the top menu bar and you can add extra columns
  8. The issue with 1.53 has already been reported to the devs
  9. I'm sorry that you don't like being told about what has been a known issue ever since 1.52 was released. This false positive has cropped up in more posts than enough and the cause has been stated over and over again. When you start to istall, you get one screen for the actual app; you then get a second install screen offering another piece of software. You can decline that. The reason it's there is that the external company pays to have it bundled and that's what pays for server time. The applet for installing that is what causes the false positive as the A/V simply sees it as 'adware' and then calls it a threat.
  10. Yes there is - you can decline at the bottom of the screen. However, it doesn't alter the fact that it's a false positive
  11. Rhubarb

    Better UPLOAD speeds

    Your upload speed is set by a combination of what your ISP allows and the speed that leechers are taking the data at. There's nothing you can do at your end (well apart from restricting upload speeds, but that's the opposite of what you're wanting). I auto-shut off at 4.01 - some files go fast, others crawl
  12. False Positives - some A/V apps consider the bundled (optional) software to be a 'threat' (it isn't)
  13. Rhubarb


    We all were at one time LOL. Welcome aboard
  14. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet slow down pc

    For that to happen, something is hogging resources - you would need to check in Task Manager to see what is happening. If you altered a lot of settings in Bitcomet, maybe a clean install will fix the issue (using something like Revo Uninstaller ojn Bitcomet itself to clean out the registry, etc).
  15. Rhubarb

    Better UPLOAD speeds

    It happens - for a start you never see all the seeds (there are usually a number that don't show up). Why some individuals download very slowly is a different matter. It's quite possible that they are running multiple downloads and maxing out their connection; they may have their speed capped for one reason or another. My ISP will do that if they think I'm 'hogging bandwidth', so I tend to run higher speeds at low traffic times (usually overnight) and lower speeds at 'busy' periods. As far as I know, the hash is part of the torrent itself and can't be altered without wrecking the torrent.