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  1. You would need to know what ports are open on the router and also have one opened for your intranet IP address (the VPN isn't an issue here) Basically, there is no way you can operate without actually changing the settings on the hotel router - and I don't think they would permit that And, please do not attach a 'me too' post especially when the original problem is totally different (and was 3 years ago)
  2. 3 years isn't 'late to party' - it's necroposting. Your problem is nothing to do with the original - if you have an issue you should always start a new thread. However, you have identified the probably culprit in the VPN and that is, unfortunately, way beyond the control of anyone here
  3. check that your router is set to tcp/udp ports that match the computer (it's best to use a fixed IP number for this)
  4. Try a clean install (use the demo version of Revo uninstaller) after saving the Bitcomet files in appdata) and make surew that the windows firewall isn't blocking the app
  5. Can you use the 'square' icon at the top right?
  6. It's similar to defragmenting a hard drive - 'gaps' in memory are cleared by moving it down
  7. It simply frees up any excess memory by compacting. 'Expert' mode is really only for debugging
  8. Where is that option? I can't recall seeing it anywhere in the settings or even the online help pages
  9. OK - here's an example: I'm downloading a file in sequential mode and also uploading at the same time. Peer 'X' has an upload in an early part of the file and is also downloading other parts but I want that segment (it may be part of a multi-file download), so I ban X temporaily so that another peer can transfer that particular part and, where I might set the ban for 5 minutes, it couold be set by someone else for a longer period
  10. What may be happening is that there are no trackers for that file, You could try manually adding a tracker list (from one of the several websites that have those) and see if that picks up the needed data
  11. It's necessary so that the app doesn't try downloading a file that it bigger than the amount of free space on the drive
  12. For some reason the seeder has banned your IP address and only they would know the reason why
  13. It's like the fad years ago for 'go faster' stripes on cars - it doesn't make a scrap of difference to performance
  14. URLs are web addresses and aren't applicable in this instance
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