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  1. The red X on the first two files shows there is a problem with the files. Either there isn't enough space on the hard drive or they have become corrupted. If the latter, stop the transfer and do a manual hash check. If that fails, delete and re-download
  2. It won't show on the task bar unless you open it in start menu (but it's actually running as a background app)
  3. Bit Comet doesn't have anything to do with playback - that's done by the media player. You may have a driver problem - have you tried going to the website of the audio chip maker (not the computer maker but Realtek or whoever) and look for updated W 10 drivers? You could also try a different media pl;ayer - I use VLC for preference but there are others available. Being an external device, you may need to check for updated USB drivers and also make sure that the is no clash with another USB connection (mouse, joystick, external drive, etc). One thought - is your modem, connected via USB? That could also interfere
  4. You do know this thread is four years old and refers to a far older version - don't you? Did you try what was suggested in the earlier posts?
  5. Please use English (or Spanish, German or French). I think you're asking how to handle more torrents - check in options > advanced
  6. It's possible that it isn't showing any because no-one has commented
  7. PLEASE stop asking - we did hear you the first three or four times and you were answered
  8. You do know that if you 'X' out, the tray icon goes invisible - don't you? As for 'dfark mode' - it could well be a very long time before that happens. The devs do all the work in their spare time and cosmetic touches are waaaay down on the priority list. 'Letting the community do it' isn't as simple as it may seem - all code has to be checked and then patched in and tested (and re-patched to fix bugs, tested again and again). That takes up a lot of time
  9. Open a command prompt, go to the download folder and type in Dir > folder.txt. That will list all files and folders (but not the contents of the folders). There's no way to do that in windows
  10. I don't understand quite what you are looking for, but if you right click on a working torrent and select 'open directory' you will see a list of all files. Alternatively, right click on the bottom menu bar and select 'files'. That tab will show both the files and their size along qwith other information
  11. I don't use MPCStar myself but this post may explain what is happening
  12. Bitcomet is ONLY available for Mac and Windows - nothing else
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