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  1. Rhubarb

    Streets of Fire

    What program are you using to play media on the PC? I use VLC, which can handle any format and it can also record an AV file to a different format if you want. However, you may find that the problem isn't with the file but with the PlayStation ability to handle files
  2. Just multiply by 8 to convert KB to Kb
  3. Rhubarb

    port detection failed

    Rather than type it all out again - please check this thread
  4. Rhubarb

    1.52 torrents corruption

    What may be happening in the event of a hard shuutdown is that the files aren't being written to the hard drive. In a normal exit/shutdown/restart, there's a delay as it closes down Bitcomet allowing it to write to the hard drive. In the event of a hard shut down, it doesn't get a chance to actually write the files, so they're 'lost'. I don't have any SSDs (but I do run 'insider skip ahead' which is not runnimng the early versions of the 'upgrade' due in the spring of 2019) but I have had problems where I've had to do a hard reset (hit the power or reset button) and that has 'lost' some downloads. However, a restart of the .torrent followed by a hash check will recover part of the files (obviously it won't get the chunks that were lost with the failure to save)
  5. Rhubarb

    Port detection failed

    Try a complete reboot first: power down BOTH computer and modem/router, wait at least two minutes, restart the modem/router and, when it 'locks', restart the computer. You could also try a 'high' num,ber for the port (your ISP may be blocking lower port numbers). I set mine to around 14,000 If that still doesn't work, try a fresh installation.
  6. You do realise that the original poster asked that four YEARS ago (and never returned)
  7. Rhubarb

    So slow and affecting pc use

    The OP is using 1.51 - 1.52 is now available. Which are you using (and the same things that Cassie said would also apply). One thing that can cause problems is the router itself - when did you last reboot that?
  8. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet 1.52 - TROJAN

    For the very last time - what is being flagged as a trojan is the Installcore software. Bitcomet costs money to run - servers have to be paid for and, rather than charge people, additional software from Premieropinion is bundled with the installation in return for a donation. THAT is what is being flagged as a 'trojan'. This discussion is now closed.
  9. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet 1.52 - TROJAN

    The alert isn't caused by a trojan - it's the option at the start to 'install extra software' that triggers it in some A/V programs. As I keep saying, it's a false positive. What actually started this off was someone dopwnloading from an external source (before the update was actually released). Personally I look on sites that can't spell with a very critical eye (the site in question claimed to be an 'achive')
  10. Ok. I am not exactly an I.T. boffin at all but yesterday morning whilst having BitComet open & running, the update page for the new 1.52 version proceeded to update from my existing 1.51 to 1.52. Since then, there are problems with BitComet. It does not even start up properly any longer. AND when it eventually opens, i see 1.51 and not the version that was downloaded and installed yesterday. This automatic updating procedure seems to be a problem as it runs in the background whilst you cannot physically close what you are presently doing, to allow seamless updating. I have installed 1.52, yet now see 1.51 running with no sign of 1.52 anywhere on the PC.

  11. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet 1.52 - TROJAN

    I've told you that it's NOT a trojan (and I presume you did download it from the BC site and NOT from the 'achive' that you were using). YOU are the only person reporting this - no-one else seems to have any problem. As I said, if you aren't happy with it, no-one is twisting your arm to use it.
  12. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet 1.52 - TROJAN

    Believe what you choose - it's not a trojan but if that's what you want to believe, you're at liberty to use whatever client you wish. As for me, having been in electronics since the days when transistors came in two varieties, - white spot for RF and red spot for audio - and having worked with computers since 8 bit days, I'm quite happy with what I know.
  13. Rhubarb

    Bitcomet 1.52 - TROJAN

    There is no trojan - you have a false positive, probably caused by the 'opt-in' on the second screen (which asks if you want to install additional software). You can accept or reject that - your choice. Now, having said that, running multiple A/V apps on the same computer is one of the WORST things that anyone can do - they clash with each other and also slow things down. Additionally, it's fine to scan software on a download, but always turn the A/V OFF when installing as it can cause problems with an installation. That's why 99% of all software states "Close all running applications" and 'all' means ALL. However, the caveat on downloading from external sites remains
  14. Rhubarb

    1.52 now available

    1.52 is now available from the legitimate Bitcomet download site here. It will also download automatically if Bitcomet 1.51 is running and active. There is a fake version (with built in trojan also aound both as a .torrent file and on some websites). Do NOT attempt to download and install any version other than the one on the main Bitcomet webpage .
  15. You probably need to set up port forwarding to a fixed IP number. To do this you will need to go to network properties and set up a manual IP number in TCP/IP v4 (usually something like 192.168.0.### where ### is any number between 2 and 255, but it may also be 192.168.1.###). You will also need to set up manual DNS - you can get your ISP dns by typing ipconfig in a command prompt (this will also tell you the address of your router which wull let you know the first three numbers of the internal IP)