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  1. All I can suggest is for you to set a fixed ip number on the LAN and make sure that the port used is open both in the firewall and the router (that port forwarding is on for thatport and LAN ip number) That's hopw I haveit set up hwere with no problems. Any time I have had a problem it's been down to an incorrect port setting (usually caused by a W10 beta upgrade)
  2. It's not unknown for a torrent tracker to show seeds on the webpage, but no seeders in the client - it all depends on the site updating. Having said that, however, have you two 'green lights' showing? Also, is your trackerist (in advanced) showing trackers?
  3. You can't - sorry. It does need port forwarding to be set up and that needs router access
  4. Check thatyour firewall isn't blocking it. Do you have two green 'lioghts' at the bottom right?
  5. You need to set up a manual IP LAN and then set a port in the router using that address Example: set address to in network settings set a port in Bitcomet open router in browser and match that port numberwith the one you'vechosen, both for TCP and UDP
  6. You do know, of course, that post isTHIRTEEN YEARS OLD - don't you? 🤣 " Posted September 20, 2006 "
  7. I don't think the OP has been back for at least 5 years and the one you thanked hasn't been seen in a year 😄
  8. Unfortunately - no. Your traffic is visible to anyone with the abilioty to snoop and the only way to conceal that is to use a VPN. However, sharing the file via a cloud server (or direct FTP transfer) does what you are asking without the use of torrents (but your ISP always knows the amount of traffic on your machine)
  9. You need a fixed ip address on the LAN (Local Area Net) - usually in the form of 192.168.###.###. The third block is usually .0 or .1 and the fourth is any number greaterthan 1 and less than 255. Open a DOSprompy (command line) and type ipconfig to find out the IP number the router and use thatas the first three numbers. Open the router(http://192.168.###.1) and look for port forwarding It's better explained here
  10. The only difference between signing in and not signing in is that you don't get any points - nothing else. The only 'fix' is to wait until the server is back up and running
  11. https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12800313-comet-id-not-exists/
  12. https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12800313-comet-id-not-exists/
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