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  1. It may be a hidden file. In drive properties, select to show hidden files. Then go to \Users\<yourname>\appdata and it may be either in Local or Roaming
  2. Check that you are showing an open port and DHT connected - two green icons at bottom right. If the port isn't open you will need to set that via the router and bitcomet
  3. You need a fixed intranet IP (that's the internal network, usually 192.168.###.1 for the router). Set your IP innetwork properties to the same block but with a different final number ),1 is normally the router). In the router settings, allocate a port number and set that to the IP number of the computer. Open Bitcomet and set the port number to match the one you just set up in the router (you can, if you like, set up a block of ports - like 12345 - 12356) but whatever port is open on the router MUST be matched by the port number in Bitcomet
  4. Different downloads have different trackers - it's not possible to have separate columns for all your downloads. I still don't see your point though - the 'trackers' tab will show for each individual download if that's the selected one. Click on the next one and you will see the status for that one and so on
  5. You may have a corrupt download. Did you try going to the folder and copy/paste thje file elsewhere and see if it opens there? I did notice you are using BC 1.35 - the current version is 1.55 (probably has no bearing but just thought I'd point that out)
  6. If you right click on the menu bar in the lower window you can add a 'trackers' tab which will tell you if the tracker connects and, if so, how many seeds/peers it has listed. That's about all the 'status' you'd need really
  7. That's not a BitComet error. Presuming you're using Windows, I'd uninstall mcrypt as that doesn't install properly most times. mcrypt is often installed along with xampp or apache. Che ck for anything that you recently installed to see what nay have importewd it
  8. It will still go for the missing parts first - irrespective of the number of seeders.
  9. You also need to set Options > tasks to 'optimize download strategy for preview' However it's not guaranteed. If there are a lot of leechers and only a couple of seeds, the download will concentrate on parts which no-one else has.
  10. One possible reason is lack of free space on the drive. While it may appear that there is, there are times when lost clusters actually reduce the space, even though drive properties show that there is more. Run chkdsk and defrag the drive and see if that helps
  11. Make sure that your router is NOT using DHCP - set the computer IP address manually (in the same block as that on the router). Set the ports there to allow on a block of ports and then configure BC to use those ports
  12. I wouldn't worry about the port mapping - mine 'fails' if I run a VPN but works if I don't (it doesn't seem to make any difference to operation) Upload speed - there are two possible reasons here: first (and most obvious) is that nobody is downloading from you. The other would be that your total bandwidth is tied up with long termn seeding. Try reducing that to, say, 100 KB/s.
  13. Never EVER post your ip address online (it leaves you wide open to an attack) Regarding the upload, the figure you gave us typical of a probe of trackers for seeds/peers - your upload, however, seems to be high in the long term seeding and it's possible that has reduced your bandwidth for 'ordinary' uploads
  14. Please don't ask the same question more than once
  15. Usually if you log in from BitComet ('Forum') at the top menu, it will open in your default language. You can also log in by using http://bitcomet.com/en
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