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  1. I actually said to use a fixed LAN IP number AND set the port to match that
  2. For the Forum - you had to register to post For the appp - go here (but you could have found it in the 'help' file):
  3. That sounds like no-one is actually sharing the files or you aren't getting the tracker info. I have mine set to automatically update trackers, using this auto list (BC 1.8) However, the problem could be the listening port: set your computer to a fixed ip number and set the router to forward to that IP a block of ports (Any block over 10,000 will do - I use a block of 10) and set the port number in BC to fall within that block. Also make sure that BC isn't blocked by the firewall
  4. We have to wait for someone to feed the hamster
  5. Yes - you do have the same problem (as well as posting in a thread that isn't relevant) and the same answer applies. THE SERVER IS DOWN
  6. Your problem is totally unconnected to the OP in the thread - but the server is down - that has been pointed out elsewhere
  7. Check the router again. It's possible that BT did an online 'upgrade'. Also, make sure that you are NOT using DHCP between router and computer - in network setup, properties, set the computer to have a fixed ip (in the lines of 192,168,0,### and manually set the gateway and the DNS servers. In the router set ports to a range of values (10 is usually enough) linked to the IP address you gave the computer
  8. First of all, this is NOT a bug in the clent Second, the server is down and no points can be gained - this does NOT affect downloading speeds - just the ranking system
  9. No - the only difference is you don't gain any activity points. Everything else will work as it should. If you are being throttled, check your settings - use a fixed IP number for the computer and make sure that the router has the ports for that IP address open. (note - the IP is for the internal network - computer <>router and NOT for the router <>internet)
  10. You are necro posting (the original post is over a year old). Please start a new thread for new problems. However, it's possible the server is down (this happens from time to time) and all any of us can do is wait for someone to feed the hamster
  11. Do NOT post urls for any file sharing sites here
  12. I never really paid attention to the balloon but I think you may find that this is a MS configuration rather than a BC one. I don't think there's any way to alter that in BC itself. By the way, you do know that the current version is 1.79 (and I wouldn't call a different font a 'bug' as it doesn't affect the operation of the app)
  13. Do NOT double post (besides which this thread is 5 years opld and the original problem was nothing to do with your issue)
  14. Check in the bottom right of the task bar. It is probably still running although it's not on screen.
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