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  1. TUS referred to a 'magnet' problem - you have a web problem. It's not the same thing (that's why apples don't taste like bananas - they're different). The server doesn't 'send bad data' - it gets corrupted as it passes through various nodes for a lot of different reasons AsI've said before, what is happening is that the web downloads is counting the number of bytes RECEIVED - NOT the number that can be used. Consider a 256 byte data packet - due to corruption, lag or whatever, you only receive 250 bytes. The program will reject that and request a resend but it will add the bytes from the faulty packet to its total. When AX25 was the main standard for use, you could SEE the dropped packets - with the present interface, they're hidden, but they are still there - the basic principles haven't changed. It's not a bug in BC- it's something inherent in web based data transfer
  2. Web seeds are downloads from the web - NOT dedicated BT files - hence the problem with dropped packets
  3. I avoid using BC for web transfers (just a metter of preference) but what is probably happening is that the dropped packets are being counted in the total download, i.e., if you are downloading a 10 MB file and you have 50% dropped packets, the total download witll be 15 MB (10 MB for the actual file and 5 MB 'rejected' data packets)
  4. I really don't have the foggiest idea what you are expecting: 'delete task only' is designed to RETAIN the files and 'delete all' does exactly what it says. What neither will do is to delete files that are NOT in the download folder
  5. No app will delete its own files if they aren't where they are supposed to be. In this case, BC is looking at the default download folder. If a file was moved, then it dowsn't know where it moved to. |It'sequallypossible that a change in Windows structuring would also affect that (the file is moved but the MFT doesn'tknow where to - it looks at the default location
  6. Copy first, then delete task - you will still have to delete the .bc file in the moved folder as neither BC nor Windows will know where it is. Deleting task only does NOT remove the files - it simply stops them downloading
  7. It deletes the file in the BITCOMET folder because that's where it's supposed to be. If it's moved, then the app doesn't know where it is, so it can't be deleted.
  8. The reason the .bc file is there is for seeding. If you aren't seeding, then you need to remove it and manually is the only option (or simply don't copy yhe whole folder to begin with)
  9. In a way it's not very practicable - most people do their downloading while afk (I run mine at night while I'm in bed)
  10. As I said, just move it - that's what I do. I keep my downloads on a separate drive and just move them out of there to an appropriate folder when I consider they've beens eeding long enough (I set the ratio at 4:1 for any files where I'm not the original seed). I then removethe whole shebang to free up space on the torrent dowmload drive.
  11. Welcome - same here but I only sing when everyone else is too drunk to realise how bad I am
  12. I can't quite understand how changing a torrent client will magically make a closed down website suddenly become available
  13. What I do normally is to move the file elswehere and then delete all (including downloaded files) - afterall, it doesn't matter if the file isn't there. I can't be 100% certain but the .bc file may be for seeding, which is why it remains.
  14. You started it sunshine by claiming that having an XT (they had to call it eXtendedTechnology cos ET was already copyright ) somehow gave you street cred. I simply pointed out that it was no big deal,having started on even older systems
  15. It's probably because the website no longer exists - it's not part of bitcomet and BC has no control over external sites. There are othersearch engines,but you'll have to google for those The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL The DNS server returned: This means that the cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL. Check if the address is correct.
  16. You do know this thread is over SEVEN YEARS old? (and it was fixed back then in 1.26 and the current version is 1.68 - and even Internut Exploder is way past v9
  17. If you only want one file from a torrent, highlight the torrent, right click, go to files, select each unwanted file and click 'disable'. Unfortunately, you'll have to repeat that 4,500 times
  18. Colour me unimpressed - I have been WORKING with computers since before even the Intel 8086 - try the 8080 and Z80 - eight bit machines but I am not as blind as to even THINK that 'my system is 100% secure'. I repeat - if you are online then you are NOT secure. Many years ago the FBI commented that the only reaolly securecompuer was one that had neverbeen plugged in or even taken out of the box. How do you think that servers get hit with ransomware, etc? Do you believe that the people running those don't have working security apps?
  19. While that is as my be, I'd never EVER claim that "my system is 100% virus proof" (whether it's on Linux or Windows) and I've been in IT (hardware and software) since 8 bit days. While it may not be a virus per se, it was enough to trigger Avast (which I don't use - I use Adaware on 'doze and Clam on Linux)
  20. Trust me - you had a virus that was producing that mesage. Now whether you want to believe it or not - that's what happened. I didn't have it and neitherdid a lot of otherpeople. If it was inherent in Bitcomet, this thread would run to several dozen pages of 'me too's
  21. AsI said - you had a virus/trojan (probably from something you downloaded) and it took a while for the a/v definitions to be updated to catch it
  22. It's nit Bitcomet that is the problem - if it was, this forum would be swamped with complaints. I run Adaware, updated daily, and there is NO problem. Mail.ru was just an example - it said, in that video, to check on any recently installed programs (round the time that the problem occured). Niot knowing what may be on your computyer, I'd recommend doing as suggested and uninstalling any apps that are from that time period and see if it goes away
  23. There are a couple of youtube videos abiut it and how to remove it here and here plus a note from Avast saying they're investigating it
  24. It's possible that the file you are trying to download contains the virus and your a/v is simply reacting and refusing to download it. The fault isn't at your end - it's on the machine that's seeding
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