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  1. Personally I think W 11 is one of the 'alternate' Microsoft OSs - consider Windows 95 v 95B 98 v 98SE ME v XP Vista v W7 W8 v W10 W 11 seems to fall into the first column - the disasters
  2. Just look at your specs - 128GB v 16 GB. There is also quite a difference in the instruction set of the two CPUs. A better comparison would be if both machines were using the same OS and identical peripherals
  3. In general it's a bad idea to selectively uncheck files as some of these actually contain info from the end of the preceding file or the start of the next file. What may help you is the Windows 'Magnifier' option (look under 'Windows Ease of Access' in the W 10 start menu). This will magnify the area of the screen you are focused on
  4. To be honest, I've never tried installing it on a phone, but I'd hazard a guess that the OS on a phone will be a cut-down version of that used in a tablet and it's highly unlikely that BC will actually work
  5. I haven't tried the Android version but there has been a problem with Windows and the anti-virus. Try disabling your anti-virus for the installation (and turn it back on once installed)
  6. Use a fixed IP number and check that the open ports in your router match those on the chosen IP number (both TCP and UDP). Also, check on the seeds/peers column - the figure in brackets shows the number of active seeders/leechers. If the seeder is zero, then you probably won't get anything
  7. I doubt if a clean install of windows will help. As I said, if you are being denied access to the router, it's possible you have been blocked.
  8. It's definitely a false positive from Avast. There have been reports for some years now of Avast mis-identifying files and applying a 'heuristic' label
  9. Avast has been reporting Win32 (and Win64) Malware for several years now. It's NOT a virus - Avast is detecting a false positive in several apps, including malwarebytes. Google for malware.gen avast and you will see the number of reports and almost all are reporting a 'false positive' I use Adaware A/v with daily updates and I've only ever known a virus report to occur on initial installation (on earlier versions of BC) due to the installation app. I've never had one on the program itself (and I scan daily)
  10. You need to set a fixed IP with ports open in the router to match the ports on the computer I repeat - if you are denied access to the router, then you are probably being blocked and there is nothing that can be done unless your network manager allows it
  11. It['s still possible that you are blocked on the router. Type ipconfig in a command prompt to get info (do NOT post the WAN address here)
  12. The installation failure could be down to your A/V objecting to the installer app (it thinks it's a Trojan). Turn off the A/V for the installation and turn it back on once it's done It sounds (as you have lost access to the router) that you are being blocked - you could try different ports to see if you can get round that but with 64K of possible port numbers, I doubt if that will work
  13. You can't - what I do, if I'm browsing, is to reduce the size of the BC window and 'download later' so they all start together.
  14. How are you trying to do it? Right click on the downloading file, open properties, download order, tick the check box at top left, arrange the files and then click 'OK' By the way, you have a very old version - current version is 1.84
  15. There's actually a pinned post explaining all that LOL
  16. Well you could try upgrading - 1.78 is a VERY old version (current version is 1.84) But I don't quite understand what you mean by 'task order'. If you're referring to the download sequence of files, it's in task properties (end tab). Select the download order, click on and that should start it (you did check the box at top left saying 'enabled customised download order' didn't you?
  17. Eiother your temp folder is full and youi haven't enough disk space or it has had its attributes reset. Alternatively your anti-virus may be blocking it. Try running install 'as administrator' and also I'd suggest turning your anti-virus off during the installation - there are no virii although some A/V programs think the installation software is a virus - it's not.
  18. It's quite possible that the website is blocked by your ISP - I'd suggest using a VPN to access it. Firefox has several free (but limited) ones available in 'add-ons'
  19. '403' is a web error message saying you are not permitted to visit that particular site. Check here for details. You obviously did log on to the forum (or you wouldn't be here to ask) The settings will be in your browser
  20. Check that you are actuaklky logged into the forum (it sometimes works better if you access it from the menu bar in BC and not directly). Also check on your settings for search
  21. I've seen it do some strange things but never a reset. Did you do a fresh install and maybe a different e-mail/password??
  22. There actually isn't a problem - background running apps eat up memory
  23. Actually this problem was covered in a pinned post way back at the start of the year
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