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  1. Rhubarb

    We need a funny thread

    I honestly think it would be a good idea (and maybe lighetn things up) if we had a thread for jokes (within the usual bounds of decency). Anyone else interested?
  2. I wouldn't worry about the port mapping - mine 'fails' if I run a VPN but works if I don't (it doesn't seem to make any difference to operation) Upload speed - there are two possible reasons here: first (and most obvious) is that nobody is downloading from you. The other would be that your total bandwidth is tied up with long termn seeding. Try reducing that to, say, 100 KB/s.
  3. Never EVER post your ip address online (it leaves you wide open to an attack) Regarding the upload, the figure you gave us typical of a probe of trackers for seeds/peers - your upload, however, seems to be high in the long term seeding and it's possible that has reduced your bandwidth for 'ordinary' uploads
  4. Rhubarb

    Not Language Of My Choice

    Please don't ask the same question more than once
  5. Rhubarb

    Not Language Of My Choice

    Usually if you log in from BitComet ('Forum') at the top menu, it will open in your default language. You can also log in by using http://bitcomet.com/en
  6. Rhubarb


    There's no way to find out what anyone seeding a torrent has on their hard drive (it would be a bad security risk to allow a complete stranger to have access).
  7. Rhubarb


    All I can think of now is to re-run the .torrent files and open them with BC - and set the folder to wherever you have it and then start. It's not a problem I've ever had to be honest, so it's sort of guess work on my end
  8. Rhubarb


    Double check the folders - right click on any download and look in 'properties' It's possible that there is a different folder name
  9. Rhubarb

    Is this torrent save?

    Please do NOT post links in this forum. If you are worried about malware, run a scan on the file
  10. I would like to think things have improved in the TWELVE YEARS since the last post
  11. Rhubarb


    Did you run a manual hash check on the downloaded files in the specified folder?
  12. Rhubarb

    Printing Digital Files onto Glass Plate

    You'd need to invest in a laser etcher to be able to do that (presuming by 'digital files' you mean graphics)
  13. Rhubarb

    Far Cry 4

    Not only do I not use it - I don't even know what it is (or what it has to do with Bit Comet)
  14. Rhubarb

    Save Option?

    Set hidden files to 'view', go to C:\Users\<user name>\Roaming\Bitcomet and they're all in there
  15. Rhubarb

    Big Welcome!!

    Hi right back
  16. Rhubarb

    can't download file with bitcomet

    Please do NOT post links for files
  17. Rhubarb

    Bit Comet ultra accelerator

    Please don't post links to torrent sites. Also, we can't recommend any third party app
  18. Rhubarb

    bitcomet not responding

    That can happen occasionally due to something interrupting it. In general, if you just leave it for a while it will settle down and then continue running.
  19. Rhubarb

    Cant seem to upload

    It's possible that you are being throttled - it's equally possible that nobody wants to download (happens with some of my files - it shows zero peers and a collection of seeds but nothing happens). Other files work
  20. Rhubarb

    "Comet ID not exists"

    Guys, PLEASE listen carefully: We KNOW there's a fault on the server None of the forum staff have access and we can't DO anything about it The server crew are voluntary, unpaid and do it in their spare time - they will look into it WHEN they get the time do do so Repeated demands here won't make it happen any faster. In the short term, let the app run for a couple of hours and try to sign in again (it works for me - if not the first time, then later) Apart from anything else, the ONLY thing affected is the points score (and those won't even buy you a sniff of a beer)
  21. Rhubarb

    "Comet ID not exists"

    The guys who run the server do it in their spare time (unpaid). We just have to wait until they get a chance. byw, it will 'log in' if you leave it running for a few hors (it's just very slow)
  22. Rhubarb

    "Comet ID not exists"

    soffa - read the earlier posts please
  23. Rhubarb

    "Comet ID not exists"

    Guys, we know it's down and it has been reported. The people who operate the server don't work at qweekends so nothing will be donew until they get a chance to look at it
  24. Rhubarb

    "Comet ID not exists"

    It has been reported (it's probably a failure in the database)
  25. Rhubarb

    Piece Map

    It's been reported