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  1. Welcome aboard - I'd have replied sooner but the forum died
  2. Did you try reducing the number of active torrents? Trying to run too many has been known to cause some strange errors.
  3. All we can do is to advise - if you can not (or will not) accept the advice, there is nothing else we can do. Your anti-virus is the problem here - it is creating a 'false positive' and therte is only one fix for that
  4. check that the port is open in windows firewall and in the router. Also, try using a fixed ip number for your internal connection
  5. She posted the same thing in another thread Cassie and got the same answer there. How anyone can imagine that a free app costs £250 GBP is beyond me
  6. As stated, the devs are working on that
  7. I'd recommend a clean install - for a start, you are running a fairly old version - current version is 1.6 https://www.bitcomet.com/en/downloads
  8. It's three YEARS since that was originally requested - if it hasn't happened by now, it's unlikely that it will
  9. I think you've confused bitcoMet with bitcoIN - ain't nothing to do with this app
  10. Delete the download and try again. Also, turn your anti-virus OFF while installing (turn it back on afterwards)
  11. Try disabling the DHCP in the router and also try lower ports (in the 15,000 range). You could also try turning on UPNP and maybe with the DMZ disabled. Any or all of a combination of those. by the way, necro-posting (adding a 'me too' to a long dead thread) is never a good idea. We don't charge for new threads
  12. You should try it, then file a report if it still isn't working right (it's usually faster fixing a beta version than a release for the simple reason that a release version is very raely patched, while a beta is a 'work in progress' and any reported errors can be dealt with there and then)
  13. English, Irish, Spanish or German only please
  14. I'm not a Mac person but have you tried 1.66 beta to see if that fixes the problem?
  15. Probably as fast as it will be for Linux (in short - don't hold your breath)
  16. If you get a email from the government saying that you can't eat tinned spiced pork and ham because it contains covid 19 ignore it. It's just spam!
  17. Delete EVERYTHING. The client looks at the history file, checks, finds that there are no downloads for that particular item and it then starts to 'correct' that
  18. You do know that if you hit the 'X' in the top right corner (NOT the 'Exit' on the menu bar) it goes into invisible mode (it's still running but you don't see it). In fact the only time you should see it is if you're adding a torrent (or clicking on 'Forum' to get here)
  19. status where? If it's regarding the website, it shows you have posted 8 times and your stataus is 'seeder' If it's regarding the app, a bit more detail please
  20. It happens once in a while (it's not getting the information from the database) and usually corrects itself by the following day
  21. BREAKING NEWS ... John Travolta was hospitalized for suspected COVID-19, he had chills they were multiplying and he was losing control, but doctors now confirm that it was only Saturday Night Fever, and they assure everyone that he is Staying Alive.
  22. Opewn 'collections', right click on 'title' and the options column will open. Make sure that 'published date' is ticked
  23. Gruss Gott Marta und wilkommen
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