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  1. Open Windows Firewall in control panel and 'Allow an app or feature through Windows firewall'. Go to 'change settings' and 'add another app'
  2. Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings You still need to make sure that your computer port matches whatever port your modem/router is using (whether the wireless router is connected to DSL/Cable or whatever) and that your wifi ports match
  3. Check that the port is open in Windows Firewall and matches the port in your router/modem
  4. 'Hibernation' can do strange things and it's best not to have the ability to hibernate/sleep while you're downloading and files can become corrupt. I disable the 'shut down' and sleep/hibernate on all drives on the desktop machine. It's far better to shut the program down first and give it time to cache the files before closing down anything
  5. Have you tried anonymox (a plug in for Firefox) to access the sites? That will connect the browser to the listings and bitcomet should be able to download without the proxy.
  6. To add to what TUUS has said, you should remember that the server updates the seeding score in real time (by the clock). For example: You begin seeding at 12:30 am and by 1:30 you have uploaded over 1 GB of data - your score will only increase by 2 points (one hour connected). Your seeding score won't update until some minutes after 2:00 am and will go up (usually) by 101 - 100 points for the uploading and 1 point for a half hour connected. Connected time scoring is by the time connected - seeding scoring is on the (real time) hour after you are connected for over one hour. Anyway, as I never tire pointing out - the 'scoring' is just for fun. You can't buy beer with the points LOL
  7. There is a major upgrade for Windows 10 due in a couple of weeks. At the moment it's on Release Candidate 2 and is on track for a mid-March release. It's a complete rebuild of the whole system so maybe you should hold off re-installing Bitcomet until that is done
  8. If you're running the downloaded version that contains a 'win9x' setup, you are running the portable version and that may be where your problem lies. Download and install the FULL version. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available I've been running 1.44 and 1.45 through various builds of Windows 10 from the original release and currently on the Release Candidate for Redmond 2 (due next month) with absolutely no problem (apart from disk boost service not working). Everything else works as it should. As for 'clean install' - this is NOTHING to do with the age of the laptop or anything else. It simply means completely uninstall the current version using Revo and re-install it (Revo will remove any defunct registry entries relating to the original installation)
  9. If it's working (up and down) don't worry ถ้ามันทำงาน (ขึ้นและลง) ไม่ต้องกังวล
  10. Did you try a clean install? Also, are you running the 'correct' version (64 or 32 bit)?
  11. Use the free version of Revo Uninstaller (in moderate mode) to clean it all up first and then re-install. Version 1.45 is available Check your firewall settings as well (to make sure it isn't being blocked)
  12. Failte (Irish for "Welcome")
  13. The current version is 1.45 (even more fixes LOL)
  14. It wouild work actually if the server didn't keep hiccupping LOL
  15. This is a server problem - check the server down thread and you'll see that it's updated a lot recently
  16. It all depends - Irish is full of diphthongs and triphthongs. In this case it's EH-ruh while eire it err-uh
  17. For the benefit of people who are still posting: 1: The bitcomet server is very intermittent. This is not the same server as the one that runs the forum 2: If the client can't connect, you can still upload and download. The only difference really is you don't collect any points and your long-term seeds are reduced to the basic 'recruit' level (I've never seen more than half a dozen at any time so that's not a big deal) 3: The scoring system is just a bit of FUN - you can't buy beer with the points
  18. Check the server down thread. It's all been covered there
  19. Please read the thread marked server down. It's all covered there btw - 'necro-posting' (posting to a thread that's been dead for 6 YEARS) isn't a very good idea
  20. It looks like there are some serious problems with the server. It comes back, lasts a short while and goes down again. I manage to collect a few points, then it's gone. There's nothing anyone here can do about that - it's all down to the guys who run it (and the hamsters)
  21. Sorry - brain freeze there but it should show in 'statistics' if you enable that on the lower task bar (right click and select 'statistics'). It will show both the LAN and WAN IP addresses
  22. Logging in - server is down, sorry Regarding W 10 - I'm running the fast track betas with no problem. Bitcomet should do a 'soft' close down when you exit and also when you log off Windows. The only time that's likely to fail is if you just power down (without doinmg a shutdown) or if you force a restart (in which case, the data won't be saved)
  23. None of the files show any seeds (only peers). It's possible that they are all looking but haven't received any parts (in other words, they don't have anything downloaded either). All you can do is go to the website where you downloaded the torrents and ask for a re-seed.
  24. In Irish we lengthen vowels with a 'siniu fada' (same as the French accent acute). Leaving it off can change the meaning of a word 'sean = old', Seán = John' (that's actually pronounced shaann and not 'shawn'), 'séan = deny' (oh and Éire means 'Ireland' but eire means a heavy weight) LOL
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