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  1. As everyone is in the same position regarding daily points, we still advance in ranking as fast as ever (the guys with the higher scores just get 20 points as well. In fact, low scoring guys are probably better off as they get 20 points every day irrespective LOL Seriously, the devs are all volunteers who work on it in their spare time and, as we aren't paying them, we just have to be thankful they keep the whole thing running (you still can't buy beer with the points)
  2. Not until the guys in China get a chance to look at it and fix it. In the meantime the app does what it's supposed to - shares files
  3. The main thing is that everyone can still upload and download. Sure there are no 'point's but what exactly can you do with those? They don't buy beer or anything else - they're just a fun thing and, for people to get worked up over their 'loss' strikes me as a bit crazy really. The ONLY thing that isn't working is the 'scoring' system and that's hardly the end of the world.
  4. No-one here has any control over the server that has been said over and over again. We're all just USERS here and have nothing to do with the server, restarting it or even feeding the hamsters.
  5. The server is down - a different problem
  6. Never post your e-mail to a public forum where anyone can see it. All that does is have you added to a spammer's list. If you are talking aboht bitcpmet itself, mo-one can log on as the server is down; if it's for here it doesn't really matter
  7. It will be back when it's back - that's all anyone can say really
  8. It's a database problem - not a server one and has been reported already in another thread
  9. None of us can solve it - just pass it along to the devs
  10. The best way to get port forwarding working is to set up a fixed IP address on the computer, in the form of 192.168.###.### where the third number can be obtained from the router (it's usually a 1 or 0) and to disable DHCP. To do that you will need to manually set up your network on the computer with the fixed IP number, (the gateway \the IP address of the router) and the DNS servers used by your ISP. If you don't know those, and will work (google DNS servers). Once that is done, you need to set the router to 'pass' a port to the computer IP number - on mine I can set a block from 14,500 - 15,000. Once that is set, then you set the port number in Bitcomet to fall inside that region. It sounds more complicated than it actually is LOL
  11. We are earning rank points actually - up to a max of 20 and as everyone is in the same boat, you progress just as 'fast' as you did before - it just takes longer to get a higher title is all but the main thing is to keep sharing - if you feel that you're uploading too much, then just throttle back on the speed and run it longer. Until whoever maintains the database changes it, there's nothing anyone can do
  12. No-one here has access to the servers of the software. All that can be done is for the forum admin to contact the team in China. Keep in mind though that any 'ranking' is just a bit of fun as we're supposed to be sharing files on a P2P basis. Why close the app and stop sharing?
  13. It's more a databse problem (with the scoring) than either a server or client fault. As for ranking, you have to remember that everyone is having the same problem so as you are gaining 20 points per day, those close to you in rank are also gaining them, so the ranking won't change much (if any)
  14. Check that your ports are open in the firewall abd that your router is directing the correct ports to the computer. I set my internal IP to 192,167,0.### abd tell the router to hold a range of ports open as well as setting trhe same range for the firewall. It's possible that a MS update has changed things and that's the culprit
  15. One common problem with magnet links is that, if the trackers don't have any seeds showing, the link won't start. It's best to use a .torrent file in that case
  16. It's definitely out of whack, however as everyone is affected the ranking can go up (a 'decrease in ranking would mean your rank numbert would be higher and not lower). I know mine gains rank.
  17. Why are you responding to posts from people who haven't been here in ELEVEN YEARS?????
  18. Looks like it's down yet again. Maybe the Second Life repair team is available ;)
  19. I think that the OP has managed to figure it out over the past eleven years ;)
  20. Yep - you won the right to buy all of us a beer (and a saucer of milk for Cassie)
  21. It's working fine (in regards signing in anyway). It does seem a shade erratic in scoring, but that's more down to the database than anything else (I was running 11 hours with several GB uploaded and managed to collect a huge 20 points) - but it's not the end of the world - I can download (and upload with no problems which is what it's supposed to be about) Regarding a log in to the server - is it possible you are using the wrong username and/or password?
  22. Do what I do - hold off seeding and uploading until you're heading to bed (alright, I leave the box running overnight). Generally, if you're playing games online, it's best to shut down the client really to get the maximum bandwidth for the game
  23. We're all quackers I suppose
  24. Umm - actually it was Count Duckula
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