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  1. It's working fine (in regards signing in anyway). It does seem a shade erratic in scoring, but that's more down to the database than anything else (I was running 11 hours with several GB uploaded and managed to collect a huge 20 points) - but it's not the end of the world - I can download (and upload with no problems which is what it's supposed to be about) Regarding a log in to the server - is it possible you are using the wrong username and/or password?
  2. Do what I do - hold off seeding and uploading until you're heading to bed (alright, I leave the box running overnight). Generally, if you're playing games online, it's best to shut down the client really to get the maximum bandwidth for the game
  3. We're all quackers I suppose
  4. Umm - actually it was Count Duckula
  5. Did you run a disk check and did you also check the default download drive/folder? If there are lost clusters on your drive, they eat up space, but the drive properties will show it as available. Running a disk check/repair will fix that If the default download drive/folder is incorrect (drive or folder doesn't actually exist) then you will get the red 'X'. If your setting in options is to save to E:/Gogglebox and you have a folder on drive E called 'Googlebox' - it will fail
  6. There's no 'setting' apart from the initial one where it asks where to store the downloads. As for MS defrag, I've been using computers since 8 bit days and I have never actually trusted the cut-down defrag app bundled with 'doze to be very efficient - I use a third party app, either Ashampoo WinOptimizer or the Auslogics one. However, check the properties on the failed downloads and make sure that the path there matches the one you have set. However, I'm going to assume you did the last major upgrade. In that case, you'll find that you have an extra partition on your hard drive (assuming that you boot from MBR and not EFI). If you are booting from MBR, that partition is unnecessary and can be removed and the Windows partition can be expanded to take up the 450 MB or so slack. It's possible that it has been allocated a drive letter which would mess things up a bit. I have to do that every couple of weeks or so - the joys of being in the 'fast ring' and beta-testing LOL (I'm running build 16188, RS prerelease 170430-1928) Did you run disk cleanup from control panel, administrative tools on 'system files' to remove the old installation? McAfee could be the problem though - what I do is set up the bitcomet downloads on a separate partition (actually I've 7 hard drives here and it's on a totally different drive) but open McAfee and whitelist the bitcomet partition (so that it doesn't get scanned automatically). Edit: I forgot to mention this, but if you are using a SSD, do NOT defrag it - EVER (or you will end up with severe problems)
  7. I defrag weekly by hand but, as I asked, when did you last check the drive for errors? When you say you have 'over 700 GB' are you talking about files or free space? If you arte downloading a lot, I'd recommend a second drive and use that for storage (even partitioning your existing drive helps in the event of you having to re-format and re-install Windows) Try the following: 1: go to C:/Windows/Temp and delete all files that you can (some may be 'in use' but try to clear it) 2: Right click on the drive and go to 'properties' - run 'check disk for errors' and when that's finished, do the defrag. Clear the browser temp files as well. Don't forget that as a general rule of thumb that you need twice the space the file needs (this allows for buffering and temp files) Those are standard drive maintenance porocedures and should be done anyway. However, one other possibility - check in the properties tag of the problematic download and make sure that the entry in 'save path' points to a drive that exists. It can happen that if you have been saving to an external drive that could have changed the letter
  8. when did you last run a disk check and/or a defragmentation on your hard drive? While a drive may show lots of free space, 'lost clusters' prevent files from being saved. The red 'X' is saying that it's not possible to write to the drive (which is all to do with what the OS sees as free rather than the client app)
  9. May the Fourth be with You!
  10. Nothing can be done - sorry. Any ban is down to the tracker admin really. All I can suggest is you find an alternate tracker (most trackers carry the same info unless it's a 'private' torrent)
  11. I'm curious about some Americanisms: Why is it Ark-en-saw but kanz-ass? Why is it NYPD but FDNY? Lemonade is made from lemons - so gatorade is made from??? (I'm not sure if I want to go there)
  12. If you really want to hand out your password to every hacker out there, that's crazy but do NOT post the same thing all over the boards
  13. Check your internet connection. It's possible that your ISP has throttled your speed back (if you've been downloading/uploading too much, especially at 'peak' hours) Try rebooting your router - turn it off and wait for at least 60 seconds before turning it back on. Check that your ports aren't blocked
  14. Check your i8nternet connection. Sometimes a simple reboot of the router is all that's needed. Swit
  15. Hey - I can order beer in just about every European language (got to have the priorities right LOL)
  16. That's usually down to a missing seed file rather than the links themselves. What is probably happening is that none of the peers is 100%. There also could be a problem in the links themselves (inaccurate tracking, etc). I've had a magnet link stay dormant for days and then kick into life when a seed came online (it still hasn't downladed though).
  17. We can try to help (sometimes it works).
  18. I doubt it would have anything to do with BitComet as its sole function is to download files. What happens after is up to the player (TV in your case). It could be something in the file itself
  19. Just as an update: I've installed the Release Candidate (W 10 Pro 1703 Build 16170) and both Disk Boot Service and Floating windows work. As I said in the previous post, this was a Windows problem and not a BitComet one which will be fixed when the new build goes on release in a few days time.
  20. It seems to work fine here (W10 Pro Build 15063). There were some problems with BC in Windows 10 pro (failure of disk boost service and so on) which didn't really have much effect on performance. This was down to W 10 and not BC however Keep in mind though that there is a major upgrade of W 10 due in a couple of days (Creator Edition) which does remedy some of the earlier problems. MS have said the roll-out is scheduled to begin on 11th April (but may take a few days to get everyone)
  21. Dzien Dobry (and that's all I can say in Polish apart from 'piwo')
  22. Rhubarb


    Nie - nie można wysyłać kawałków układanki przez torrent (and post in English, French, Spanish or Irish please)
  23. And hello right back and welcome to the forum
  24. Greetings and other salutations
  25. The next upgrade for Windows 10 ('Creators Update') will be on 11th April according to Microsoft. This is a completely new build and not just an update and has a few extra bells and whistles built in. And Bitcomet does work with it Details here
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