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  1. That happened once before but that was after a server failure when points wewren't scored. I went up a couple of thousand in the ranking but that gradfually got whittled back to the correct rank. I did hear that the No 1 spot actually went to -1 until it was fixed. It looks btw as if the server is down yet again. This from the webpage: Internal Server Error SoapClient::SoapClient(http://member.bitcomet.com/webservice/wsdl): failed to open stream: Connection refused An internal error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact the webmaster to report this problem. Thank you.
  2. A fair number of the listed sites no longer exist (or the url has been changed). In addition, some tites are blocked by ISPs (usually following a court order) and you need a preoxy server to bypass that. Ateh 'anonymox' add-on for Firestorm works great for accessing http://extratorrent.cc/category/. Search that (browse torents on the top left) and then download and run the .torrent file. BC will kick in and take over from there
  3. Looks like it was just a glitch (or something to do with the clock roll-back to GMT) as it's now back to 120 max score. Oh well, as I've said before, the scoring is all for fun anyway ;) :P
  4. OK - now for a spot of useless info: instead of the stated 120 points max over 24 hours, I collected 224 of them (makes up for the ones I didn't get when the server was down :D ) Sweriosuly, I'd like to know whether this was just a glitch or the system has changed.
  5. There was one instance where the ranking increased after a server failure but that was gradually whitled back over a few days but the actual scoring didn't get a boost. In this case the ramking isn't being altered, just thye score
  6. For some oddball reason, instead of my usual 120 points over a ten hour persiod last night I've managed to accumulate 220 which leads me to ask if there's another server glitch (I do know the online scoreboard was down for a while) or the scoring system has changed. I'm not complaining - just curious. By the way, I've left the client running and it's still clocking up 2 points per hour, 11 hours after I started.
  7. Stand by for another load - it looks like it went down round 0600 GMT again I'll get sovereign yet - it's rigged bigly by corrupt media, opinion polls, emmys and that wall :blink: :rolleyes: ^_^ :o
  8. In Bitcomet, stop the file and 'rename' and just add '.avi' to the end of the filename (without the quotes). In Windows, you nweed to set view files to show extensions and then add it there if that's how you prefer it
  9. You may need to set a fixed ip number on your computer. In Windows, open a command prompt and type 'ipconfig'. That will show the ip address of the router which will probably be in the format '192.168.###.1'. Note that number and open then open network properties and go to tcp/ip v4 and, again, properties. Enter an ip number in the same format as the router but change the last number to something else. Your gateway will be the router number. If you know the DNS ip numbers for your ISP, use those, or use and (google DNS) and thewn try to connect. Also, your ISP may have blocked some sites - if that's the case, use Firefox browser with the anonymox plug-in activated
  10. Ity looks like the hamsters have gone on strike again. No doubt we'll get the usual sobs, wailing and gnashing of teeth because scores aren't being upgraded. As before, bitcomet points don't pay for the beer (or give you super abilities in any of the online games) so it's not a big deal really. You can still upload and download (which is what the app is for really). It will be back when it's back.
  11. Looks likle it's back people (well I'm being told I'm connected )
  12. True, regarding anti-virus. Most of them take exception to keygens, dll files and so on. The simple cure in that case is to whitelist your download folder (open the anti-virus app and add that to the 'excluded' scan list).
  13. It's also possible that there isn't enough room left on the drive or partition to take the files
  14. Set your computer to a fixed IP (192.168.0.##) with gateway and DNS servers at and Then set the ports in the router to whatever number you want for the IP address you choose.
  15. It's just possible you know that peerblock is doing exactly what the name says - blocking peers
  16. Actually lost clusters aren't the same as damaged sectors - they're simply clusters with fragmented data and just take up disk space. The actual disk itself is fine and they can be deleted with a scan using the correct tools. I agree with the rehash though (i do that automatically anyway and just overlooked mentioning it
  17. I was going to add a photo of the Tardis here (but can't work out how to attach it). Perhaps the OP has one and is able to hop through time :rolleyes: ;) :P :D
  18. I've had the red X on a couple of occasions but it has been down to running low on disk space. In actual fact there was enough space but there were also a lot of 'lost clusters' and a quick scan with a repair utility cured it, then a restart of the 'offenders' had everything back as it should be
  19. It's happened a few times before - it's a server problem. It's not really a big deal as it only affects the 'points' - download speeds and so on are just the same as before. It will be fixed when it's fixed (anyway you can't buy beer with the scoring points)
  20. The server is down - until the net admins fix that nobody is going to gain points. It's not that big of a deal anyway - to me the 'ranking' is just a bit of fun. I've never seen more than a handful of long term seeders anyway so it's no material benefit. It's not as though you could buy beer with them :rolleyes: <_< :)
  21. Yes it is (I've had it up and running). Alright it may be a bit intermittent until the hamsters get the wheel up to full speed
  22. Alright - for all you impatient people - it's back up and running at 11:00 GMT
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