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  1. No rush - I guessed something like that had happened (btw, my ranking slid even further back to about 9,500 LOL). The only reason really for posting is there will probably be a load of moans from people who think 'rank' is important (personally I couldn't care less). What I do miss though is the 'personal score' on the website. I can't maintain a 24/7 connection or my ISP starts to throttle me back and the daily score was a good guide as to when I should disconnect and come back the next day
  2. Resetting the router on a regular basis is, generally, a good idea. I help out in Second Life for support on one of the third party viewers and it's very common for people to get a poor transfer rate which is fixed, in most cases, by a simple reset of their router (power down for a couple of minutes and then power back up). I'll admit that I forgot about that here as I actually have had to reset the router on occasions because Bit Comet wasn't connecting properly.
  3. I see it's hiccuped again - my 'rank' shot from 5400 to almost 8800 overnight (colour me totally unworried) LOL
  4. One thought. The problem I mentioned earlier happened after a recent MS update to W10 - did you try uninstalling the last couple of updates to see if that fixed it?
  5. There should be an edit function - posting yout IP address is even worse than posting your e-mail. If you are using Windows, you may find that the built-in forewall has kicked in (you can set BC to bypass that). You could try a fresh install and see if that works (if you copy the bitcomet folder from C:\User\name\appdata\roaming your actual .torrent files are in there. One other possibility is your ISP is blocking the port (they can do that). Try changing it to something in the 14,000 to 15,000 range but it MUST match the port forwarding in the router IM our resident tame eagle and ask him to delete the post (hopefully before some idiot catches it)
  6. change your port number and set up the router port forwarding to the new number (and remove that screen dump and blank out your wan IP address before you get hit with a script kiddy)
  7. Now you do know that ranking points are nothing to do with downloading - just uploading LOL
  8. Check here Although that site is UK, I have heard it's also affecting other ISPs
  9. Since I posted, I've found out that there was a bug in the last MS update for Windows 8 and 10 details here I don't use either of the ISPs mentioned but I thought it worth passing along
  10. Just after I posted, the sign in actually worked (somebody give the hamsters double rations as a bonus please). However, the 'daily score' on the website is still missing (alright I can work it out, but it was nice to be able to see what days I didn't score)
  11. The mystery deepens. I have still the same failure on Windows 7 and Windows 10, also with both 1.42 and 1.44. I have also noticed that if I choose 'sign up' instead of 'sign in' on the app, I get to the web page and am able to log in there. However, I can see my profile but all I get is the ranking list - the option to show my own score is missing (I still can't connect with the app even while on the web page)
  12. Could be - strange things happen in Ireland LOL
  13. No filters here - fixed IP and port from the router. It looks more like a non-responsive log-in server than anything else. Personally I wouldn't worry about 'rank slipping' as practically everyone else is also in a state of limbo. The rankings are just a fun thing really and shouldn't be taken seriously. Fair enough you can get a huge number of long term seeders in theory - in practice I've never had more than a handful (and even a raw recruit is supposed to be able to access 40 of them :D
  14. .Actually it's not the usual unresponsive servber message but an inability to sign in. It keeps changing to 'sign in now' where p[revious failures said that it couldn't connect and would retry. The 'retry' message is missing this time.
  15. Looks that way - I think they need fresh hamsters. I also noticed that the 'personal score' on the main website is conspicuous by its absence ;) On a slightly different topic - for a while some reason I wasn't connect to the forum via the client and have to manually open it in the browser. (the client kept giving a '404' error). I'm assuming somebody has been working on the servers
  16. You'll probably find that your ranking actually increased after the last server glitch and it has now reverted to what it was before that. It's not a big deal - ranking is purely subjective anyway and just a bit of fun. All it does is tell you how many people are ahead of you in scoring (I wish it would tell you how many are behind you, but that's another matter) :D
  17. This happened before after a server hiccup when a lot of people gained a LOT of ranking but it eventually worked back to where it should have been. If I recall, the guy in the number 1 slot actually had a negative rank for a while until it all settled. What has been happening is there was an error (corrupt data or something) that miscalculated the ranking (making everyone higher than should have been the case). It will sort itself out at some stage and then the ranking numbers will start to move in the right direction again. It's no big deal - it's all a bit of fun anyway
  18. This thing is going crazy - my points go up but my ranking goes backwards - it's all a consipracy I tell ya :ph34r: :lol: :rolleyes: :unsure:
  19. As I said, this thread was on server problems. Bugs are in a different forum (and there is a thread on the port problem here: http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12799826-port-detection-constantly-fails/ )
  20. Ports are nothing to do with the server errors though. It could be a bug in 1.43. Did you try rolling back to 1.42?
  21. Port detection failure is normally down to your computer setup and not the server. It could also be your ISP blocking that port Check that: (a) your firewall isn't blocking it and (b ) that you have port forwarding setup correctly on your router. That usually means allocating a fixed ip on the computer with the router defined as a gateway (manual settings in network properties). The router has to be set to allow the appropriate port through to the computer with the specified IP address. Pick a random port somewhere in the 14,000 series which isn't normally used
  22. the seb server might be down but points are still accumulating (no panicing please_
  23. And once more on to the breach: Internal Server Error SoapClient::SoapClient(http://member.bitcomet.com/webservice/wsdl): failed to open stream: Connection refused An internal error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact the webmaster to report this problem. Thank you.
  24. That happened once before but that was after a server failure when points wewren't scored. I went up a couple of thousand in the ranking but that gradfually got whittled back to the correct rank. I did hear that the No 1 spot actually went to -1 until it was fixed. It looks btw as if the server is down yet again. This from the webpage: Internal Server Error SoapClient::SoapClient(http://member.bitcomet.com/webservice/wsdl): failed to open stream: Connection refused An internal error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact the webmaster to report this problem. Thank you.
  25. A fair number of the listed sites no longer exist (or the url has been changed). In addition, some tites are blocked by ISPs (usually following a court order) and you need a preoxy server to bypass that. Ateh 'anonymox' add-on for Firestorm works great for accessing http://extratorrent.cc/category/. Search that (browse torents on the top left) and then download and run the .torrent file. BC will kick in and take over from there
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