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  1. Ity looks like the hamsters have gone on strike again. No doubt we'll get the usual sobs, wailing and gnashing of teeth because scores aren't being upgraded. As before, bitcomet points don't pay for the beer (or give you super abilities in any of the online games) so it's not a big deal really. You can still upload and download (which is what the app is for really). It will be back when it's back.
  2. Looks likle it's back people (well I'm being told I'm connected )
  3. True, regarding anti-virus. Most of them take exception to keygens, dll files and so on. The simple cure in that case is to whitelist your download folder (open the anti-virus app and add that to the 'excluded' scan list).
  4. It's also possible that there isn't enough room left on the drive or partition to take the files
  5. Set your computer to a fixed IP (192.168.0.##) with gateway and DNS servers at and Then set the ports in the router to whatever number you want for the IP address you choose.
  6. It's just possible you know that peerblock is doing exactly what the name says - blocking peers
  7. Actually lost clusters aren't the same as damaged sectors - they're simply clusters with fragmented data and just take up disk space. The actual disk itself is fine and they can be deleted with a scan using the correct tools. I agree with the rehash though (i do that automatically anyway and just overlooked mentioning it
  8. I was going to add a photo of the Tardis here (but can't work out how to attach it). Perhaps the OP has one and is able to hop through time :rolleyes: ;) :P :D
  9. I've had the red X on a couple of occasions but it has been down to running low on disk space. In actual fact there was enough space but there were also a lot of 'lost clusters' and a quick scan with a repair utility cured it, then a restart of the 'offenders' had everything back as it should be
  10. It's happened a few times before - it's a server problem. It's not really a big deal as it only affects the 'points' - download speeds and so on are just the same as before. It will be fixed when it's fixed (anyway you can't buy beer with the scoring points)
  11. The server is down - until the net admins fix that nobody is going to gain points. It's not that big of a deal anyway - to me the 'ranking' is just a bit of fun. I've never seen more than a handful of long term seeders anyway so it's no material benefit. It's not as though you could buy beer with them :rolleyes: <_< :)
  12. Yes it is (I've had it up and running). Alright it may be a bit intermittent until the hamsters get the wheel up to full speed
  13. Alright - for all you impatient people - it's back up and running at 11:00 GMT
  14. The server is DOWN and it will stay down until someone has time to fix it (and feed the hamsters) There's not a lot of point in everyone posting to here - we all KNOW that it's not working - don't we? :unsure: :ph34r: :blink:
  15. Honestly what's the problem? The points are just a bit of fun and they don't affect downloading, speed, long-term seeds (if you can find any anyway) or anything else. I'm downloading stuff at the same speed I always do
  16. Admins deal with the forum - engineers deal with the servers :D :P
  17. It's just one of those things that happen to online sites every so often - a server goes down over a weekend and, usually, it comes back sometime on Monday. You'll drop a few scoring points but it's not the end of the world - they're just a bit of fun and won't buy any beer ;) (long term seeding isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway - I've never seen more than a handful on any download I've done)
  18. I used the sledgehammer approach (I re-formatted and re-installed Windows :ph34r:
  19. this happened before and the problem is with the server. Back then it had to wait until the staff arrived on Monday to fix it so I would guess the same will happen again
  20. This happened after the latest W7 update . As siin as the program connnects to the server, it greys out with "Bitcomet. A BitTorrent client has stopped working". I uninstalled (using Revo) and then re-installed with the same problem. It does work on the (updates) Windows 10. Everything works normally up until it actually connects
  21. Now they have to do it alllll over again. Ain't I glad that I'm not on the team or my ears would be burning ;) Seriously though, they do a great job and this is the first problem in a lot of years and problems do occur, especially when script kiddies go out of their way to take down a server for no reason than 'they can'
  22. There's nothing anyone of us can do - the problem is aty the server end (it's also happening on 1.37). All we can do really is to wait for the admins to fix it
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