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  1. That's dedication - it's back ;)
  2. I think this will last for a few days this time. It's Chinese New Year
  3. Level One addreses are NOT proxy servers - they're internal LAN addresses. A 'proxy' is generally accepted as a WAN address that routes your existing WAN IP via another online server. Feel free to refer to a DMZ a 'proxy' if you wish, but don't for one moment think that it actually is one. The clue is the address - a 192.168.###.### address never goes anywhere except an internal LAN. A proxy is online. It's usual purpose in life is to 'spoof' an IP to bypass a blocked website
  4. I know that - all I'm pointing ouit is that I also use a download manager and that's exactly the problem it has - two plus servers sending at different rates give those gaps. It's all down to the net backbone (and server speeds)
  5. 192.168.###.### are Level One addresses - they're LAN and NOT WAN so no need for a 'proxy'. You only need a proxy server to hide your WAN address. The method I set out is simple, straightforward and no need to use a loopback
  6. Why on earth would someone need to use a proxy server for a LAN address (which is what was asked)??????????? The question asked was " I have a few IPs and one NIC (or two, doesen't matter) with local IP and I want to bind BitComet to "
  7. As I said, while it works most times it's all down to the ratio of seeders/peers and there's no way round that. As for the optimisation, if and when the preview mode does work, it downloads all bits sequentially - where it's a contiguous file that can be 10, 20...90% in one block. In the end it's down to the sender more than the receiver. Bits are the same - it's all down to the setup on the otrher end what size chunks that are sent and that data is in the .torrent file and can't be changed at your end. I tend to use jdownload for http files anyway and that has the same 'problem'. If you're downloading from more than one site you can't pick and choose what sequence the chunks come in. One site may be sending 5 times faster than the other which will leave gaps while the slower sites catch up.
  8. The OP is using a level one address and proxies aren't any use there. What he's looking for is setting up his router for the LAN - that's normally done in the router itself by using a port forwarding to match ports from the router and the computer. For example: Name Port No Protocol IP Address Bitcomet 12345 TCP&UDP
  9. You can select 'preview mode' by right clicking on the download. Unfortunatyely this doesn't always work but that's down to the peers and seeders more than the app itself. In 'preview mode' the file should be contiguous and you can watch what has been downloaded. Where it fails is if there are a lot of peers with incomplete files, it will download the parts that are less readily available first (this is a common torrent practice which, in theory, speeds things up as you are able to share parts that others are missing). In short, it does work but only if there are more seeders than peers
  10. Windows 10 Disk Boost service is permanently stopped and 'UPnP device not found' The program works fine but both services are active in Windows 7 so it would be appear to be related to Windows 10 and not the program itself.Then again, I'm running prelease build 17015 (Build 15014) which is beta. If there is any change with the release version I'll post back but I doubt it will hyappen
  11. That sounds as if there is a problem with a tracker. 'DNS resolve failed' means that your ISP (who runs the Domain Name Servers) can't convert the address. It's equally possible that it's blocked by the ISP. Try setting your Windows DNS to or (google DNS servers)
  12. Of course if you prefer *nix then.... % cd /tmp % touch this; chmod 000 this % ln -s /usr/bin/touch U % U this U: cannot touch this: no write permission $ ar x "my love life" ar: my love life does not exist $ ar x "matey, the treasure" ar: matey, the treasure does not exist $ talk Putin@Kremlin talk: Kremlin: Can't figure out network address.
  13. Using batch files in Windows C: / dos C:/dos/run run/dos/run
  14. While there isn't a 'bar' you can display the percentage . Right click on the top where it says 'Name' and you get a lot of options to add to the files, including percentage under 'Progress'.
  15. That didn't last too long - 9 1/2 hours and down it went again (I know the time 'cos I picked up 119 points instead of 120 LOL) I wonder if the hamsters have been chewing the cabling - they're rodents aren't they? After all, squirrels do it all the time (check here if you don't believe me)
  16. Look in Options - Tasks and select "Auto-resume tasks at program startup"
  17. Agreed - but they whipped the hamsters and it's up and running again. That's the only reason I post about this (so you are aware of the problems if you aren't actually connected)
  18. Looks like it's down once again. Is it my imagination or is this happening a lot more often than it used to? All we can do now is wait for the tech team to get it restarted
  19. I tried to log in from firefox and got the following: The owner of www.bitcomet.com has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site. This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox only connect to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate. www.bitcomet.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on 15 January 2017 07:32. The current time is 15 January 2017 22:18. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE I eventually got in with MS Edge (that's a bit more trusting and allowed me to make an exception)
  20. What would be nice is a Linux version so I don't have to switch to Windoze every night in order to download torrents. Sure, there are torrent clients available but I prefer this one
  21. Rhubarb

    Tracking trackers

    I agree - but the reason I posted that was so that it was easier to find 'active' trackers as so many keep vanishing over time.
  22. Rhubarb

    Tracking trackers

    This website has a list of checked, active, trackers and is updated regularly. It claims 95% accuracy on active trackers in the list https://newtrackon.com/list
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