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  1. OK - I slipped - Kazakhstan is 73. However 74 is the cell phone prefix for Afghanistan (Russia is 7) but not, as a general rule having occasion to actually telephone Russia from Ireland (I do have most of the oblasts in my ham radio log however) I just looked at the first numbers. Now if you had put 007 (which is the actual prefix) things would have been clearer Be that as it may, THERE IS NO VIRUS Trust me on this - if there was, this forum would be flooded with 'me too' posts - and you have to admit that you are the only one who appers ro have found it. It didn't show on my computer
  2. Trust me - it's a false positive. All you were asked to do was follow standard installation procedure and stop all running apps. NOT to 'disable A/V' for anything longer than that- scan the download, run scan during operation is normal - scanning during an install can (and does) cause problems. And I've no intentions of phoning Kazakhstan Oh - and from the wiki article on Dr Web " Staunch anti-adware policy led to software developers complaints that Dr. Web treated their virus free applications as "virus" and receive no responds from Dr. Web if they try to contact Dr. Web to resolve the issue "
  3. No it doesn't - if you chweck through the posts here, that is a recurring theme. The problem isn't with BC - it's some A/V programs are detecting a 'false positive'. The standard instructions for any installation are, download it and, when complete, turn the A/V off (you are supposed to stop ALL running apps on an install). When installed, tirn the A/V back on.
  4. We seem to be getting people all over the place going on about a 'new decade' which doesn't actually happen for another year. I thought we went through all that in 2000. A year ending in zero is NOT the start of a new decade - it's the END of one (a 'new' decade stars with a '1' as there never was a year zero). Look at it this way - if you're asked to count to ten, you start at 1 and finish at 10 - you don't run from 0 to 9
  5. Happy New Year to all our regular (and conscript) members
  6. You do realise you are asking a question to which the last posting was 9 YEARS ago?
  7. If it's in one torrent, did you try using 'download order' in the torrent properties?
  8. Try removing it with Revo uninstaller in moderate mode (trial version is free) and then try a fresh install. The only other explanation I can think of is something in your OS is blocking it - try turning off all running apps (including anti-virus) as those can affect an installarion (don'#t forget to turn the a/v back on after)
  9. Magnet links depend on being picked up by a tracker which will then start a 'normal' .torrent action. If it's not carried on a tracker, nothing will happen
  10. You may have a corrupted download - to to the main site and try again
  11. Running two a/v apps at the same time can cause more problems than cures. That being said, in a lot of cases, stopping at 99% is usually down to a 'missing' file (normally a .nfo or .txt). People don't seem to realise that those very short files can, quite often, contain the first or last bytes of the main file. The uploading stopping is a different matter. Possibilities are that there is no-one else looking for that torrent or the tracker hasn't updated. The best system is to leave lonmg term seeding active - it may take some time to actually kick in but I finds it helps. Also, make surte that toy aren't blocking outgoing files in your firewall (use a fixed ip number and fixed port)
  12. Data streams from seeders change all the time, depending on their settings abnd how many files they are seeding and then number of leechers. The reports aren't instantaneous - they take time to come through and all you get is an average (which isn't in real time either) About the only value I ever check is the approximation of remaiming time
  13. Do Las Vegas churches accept gambling chips? This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas , but there are more Catholic churches than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshipers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed. Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in. This is done by the chip monks.
  14. Which part of 'do not spam' are you having a problem with?
  15. It's a false positive - you would need to contact Symantec on this issue As for Windows Defender, you shouldn't have two A/V apps running at the same time (I've checked here with Adaware disabled and Defender doesn't even hiccup) Btw - asking the same thing over and over is not going to change the answer
  16. You could try setting an 'exclusion' on the bitcomet foldder in C:\Program Files and see if that helps. As for Defender, that doesn't happen with me (but I run the 'fast ring' beta versions of W 10). It may or may not be relevant, but I've come across other apps with failure that were installed on a 'hacked' version of W 10 (the KMS file is the culprit)
  17. You need to set up port forwarding as follows: Set your computer for a fixed IP number, then set up a post number to that IP Port forwarding not on a fixed IP will give that error
  18. You are getting 'false positives' - the recommendation for installing ANY new app is to stop ALL running programs. Despite what some people thimk, this INCLUDES turning off the A/V dusing an instal (it will have been checked during the download). It's possible that the bundled app (it changes from version to version) is what triggers the A/V. I can assure you that there is no virus or trojan in BC - The 'warnings' are another matter entirely. It's possible that you have something on your computer that is causing that, but without the actual details (or seeing it myself) I can't help there. All ( can say is that it doesn't occur with Adaware A/v, nor with Defender on my computer)
  19. False positives on any A/V program are actually quite common. The fact that you haven't had one in a long time is pure luck and nothing more. Kaspersky seems to be most prone to this happening (it tends to be over-aggressive, but not to the same extent as Norton). However, the standard instructions on installing any new (or updated) app is to turn off ALL running programs and that actually includes the A/V. Scan it on download is enough, but turn it OFF before installing anything. Apart from it blocking some apps, A/V operation during install has been known to corrupt programs.
  20. What happens with Kaspersky is that it objects to (usua;lly) one of the bundled apps. It is well-known for false positives.
  21. That's not a bug in BC - it's a false positive from Kaspersky (not an uncommon happening with other apps)
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