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  1. It's probably too late to help, but I back up my BC files regularly to another drive. Unfortunately, if they're gone, they're gone. You could try one of the file recovery apps, but I doubt if that would help
  2. You cou;d put a request in one of the torrent sharing sites or try googling for the episode name. Unfoertuinately you can't download if there are no seeds
  3. Hello. I have a problem with download. "I may not download anything on your PC. Neither the steam may not to install anything and shall be allocated space very hard on the disc. What can I do about it? It is not because of the Internet. Fișierul poate fi mai mare decât spațiul liber pe unitatea hard disk. Efectuați un disc utilitarul de curățare (Puran Utiliies este un bun gratuit una) și să executați un disc verificați din Windows The file may be larger than the free space on your drive. Run a disk cleaning utility (Puran Utiliies is a good free one) and also run a disk check from Windows
  4. Nicve idea but impractical. Unfortunately sites come and go (usually when they get hit by a lawyer waving 'cease and desist' orders or by a court ordering an ISP to block them) . Any updating would have to be almost non-stop (and eat up a lot of bandwidth)
  5. Guys, I have tried repeatedly to reproduce the problem but so far I haven't seen it on this machine. I am able to edit the details (user name isn't editable in the client - only on the website) What I do know from other apps is that the following can cause problems: 1: Running A/V during installation 2: a corrupted download 3: corruption in the OS itself 4: a 'hacked' copy of Windows 10 (the 'activation' process interferes with some apps) for 1 and 2, a complete uninstall (using Revo Uninstaller), for 3, copy data files to a thumb drive, bite the bullet and 'format C:'. For 4 - there is no cure
  6. As I said, if this was a real bug, this thread would be full of 'me too's - it ISN'T.
  7. As I said, if it was a global bug, we would be swamped with reports of it - that's not happening. The latest release build btw is 1909 (released 10 days ago) Oh and you don't change your name in the client - you do that on the website
  8. If it was a 'bug' it would occur on a lot of computers, which doesn't appear to be happenimg (or the board would be swamped with 'me too' posts) It's almost certain that something in your setup causing it but I honestly don't know what it could be. As I said, A/V running during install was one possibility. Did you try completely removing the client (use Revo Uninstaller in moderate mode - there is a free functional 'trial' version) and maybe also run Puran Utilities (a free maintenance app) and then re-install, again, turn the A/V off during the install (use a fresh download in case the original is corrupted).
  9. Adaware A/V blocked the direct download for me, but downloading and installing from the .torrent worked (my BC download folder is on a separate drive with A/V scanning disabled on that). However I still don't have any problems running it even though I'm on the Fast Ring for W 10 betas (build 19028-1325)
  10. stop all transfers in the client - then try to uninstall. You could also try using Revo uninstall (free version)
  11. It's working fine for me. It's possible that your installation was corrupted in some way. Perhaps if you uninstall and re-install, turning your Anti-Virus OFF during the installation )A/Vs can do strange things to installations, which is why the standard recommendation on installing new apps is to turn off ALL running programs - and this includes the A/V). Of course, remember to turn it back on when you finish
  12. I would think that trying to run 20 simultaneous downloads would really slow down your transfer rates
  13. Actually it does exist. There is a slight difference between the two words " Incomplete means (and meant) that not all parts are present. Complete comes from Latin; it's the past participle of a verb meaning 'fill up, fulfil'. The Latin negative in- prefix was already attached, before the word was borrowed. The opposite of uncompleted is completed; i.e, finished, done (of activities). "
  14. Maxwhite - if you had read this thread you would have seen that we do NOT permit links to any other sites
  15. OK - first of all you ahould be aware that support for Windows 7 will end in a matter of weeks and it will be left open to any hacks/bugs/whatever after the new year. Your best bet is to set up a fixed size pagefile, preferably on another drive (any fast drive will work). Make it 1.5 times your RAM for both min and max values. The fixed size stops it fragmenting. Chack in Task Managerfor any background running apps (it could surprise you what can be there). Also, do a 'clean-up' on you rdives - google for an app called 'puran' that will do all the checks you need (it's free)
  16. What size is your pagefile? You may think that, with 32 GB, you don't need it, but you actually do, especially when multi-tasking. I have 24 GB here (that's the max on my i7) but I also have a 32 GB pagefile (I multi-boot and have Linux on one SSD and W 10 on another) - swapfiles for both are on the other drive to stop disk 'thrashing' when accessed (pagefile.sys on the Linux drive and the Linux swapfile partition on the W 10 drive)
  17. I'm not a Mac user, but can you turn off the A/V detection during the install? It sounds as if that's the cause of the block
  18. Check that you have ALL the files from the .torrent. Quite often a small portion of the main file is incorporated in the .nfo or .txt files
  19. Firstly, disk usage has nothing to do with download speeds Secondly, do NOT post links to third party sites
  20. The 'ratio' is the amount of data transferred compared to the original download. A value in the sharing column of '4' means you have sent 4 times the amount of data in the original download (4:1) By the way, it's always best to start a new topic for questions - not attach it to one from eight years ago.
  21. You also have a blocked port. If you are using a router, you need a fixed IP number on the computer with port forwarding set for that IP in the router
  22. It could be a server error, but besides that, you are running a very old version (you have 1.54 - current version is 1.59) You also have no downloads or uploads running
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