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  1. Did you run a manual hash check on the downloaded files in the specified folder?
  2. You'd need to invest in a laser etcher to be able to do that (presuming by 'digital files' you mean graphics)
  3. Rhubarb

    Far Cry 4

    Not only do I not use it - I don't even know what it is (or what it has to do with Bit Comet)
  4. Set hidden files to 'view', go to C:\Users\<user name>\Roaming\Bitcomet and they're all in there
  5. Please don't post links to torrent sites. Also, we can't recommend any third party app
  6. That can happen occasionally due to something interrupting it. In general, if you just leave it for a while it will settle down and then continue running.
  7. It's possible that you are being throttled - it's equally possible that nobody wants to download (happens with some of my files - it shows zero peers and a collection of seeds but nothing happens). Other files work
  8. Guys, PLEASE listen carefully: We KNOW there's a fault on the server None of the forum staff have access and we can't DO anything about it The server crew are voluntary, unpaid and do it in their spare time - they will look into it WHEN they get the time do do so Repeated demands here won't make it happen any faster. In the short term, let the app run for a couple of hours and try to sign in again (it works for me - if not the first time, then later) Apart from anything else, the ONLY thing affected is the points score (and those won't even buy you a sniff of a beer)
  9. The guys who run the server do it in their spare time (unpaid). We just have to wait until they get a chance. byw, it will 'log in' if you leave it running for a few hors (it's just very slow)
  10. Guys, we know it's down and it has been reported. The people who operate the server don't work at qweekends so nothing will be donew until they get a chance to look at it
  11. It has been reported (it's probably a failure in the database)
  12. Try using the 'Forum' tab in the program to connect. Regarding the scoring - all that happens is that, as you increase in 'rank' you gain the ability to access more long term seeds. However, as I've never actually seen more than a dozen or so on any of my downloads, it's not that big of an advantage.
  13. First of all Dave, never EVER post your e-mail address on a public forum (unless you really want to end up on a spammer's list) Regarding Kaspersky, this is a known issue and is, in fact, a false positive. It's down to the optional bundled software in the installation (you can accept that or reject it - but it does help pay for the servers). What I do normally is to turn the A./V off during installation and turn it back on afterwards. Despite what a lot of people believe, when any software package asks you to 'stop all running programs during installation', it does mean ALL.
  14. You're luckier than I am with the 'score' Mine runs from 4500 ranking to 4600 and then back down - then goes back up again LOL Anyway, it's all for fun (you can't buy beer with the points)
  15. There may be a problem with the installation. I use 1.53 here and my score was never reset (it does have a problem in that, most days, I can't score more than 20, but that's down to the server database if anything). There is a problem with the piece map, but that's not relevant here What you could try is a clean install (use Revo uninstaller in moderate mode to clean up the registry, etc) and then install it again. Your score isn't stored locally, but on the servers and it's possible that something in your system isn't sending the correct information. You will, of course, have to replace the torrents you have: copy them to a USB drive and then restart them. Sp long as the download folders are in the same place, all you should have to do is a manual hash check.
  16. You need to switch the A/V off during installation and restart it when it's completed. The problem is that there is an optional install of other software (that's what pays for the BC servers) and some A/V programs don't like it. It's NOT a virus or a trojan.
  17. The sites may be out of date. All you can do is start the torrent and wait.
  18. You'll have to ask elsewhere - we don't supply stuff like that Anyway, go and get Libreoffice - fully MS compatible and free
  19. Having more than a handful of trackers causes problems. Not alone with the upload speed (which is nothing to do with the trackers) but you can have trackers being hammered (which is NOT a good idea).
  20. That has nothing whatsoever to do with the original post. Adding a monumental list of trackers actually slows things down (as well as being bad manners)
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