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  1. https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12800313-comet-id-not-exists/
  2. https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12800313-comet-id-not-exists/
  3. Rather than post this all over again, please check this thread
  4. The server is down - there is another thread dealing with this issue
  5. Read the previous posts - the server is down (and as it's run by volunteers it's not likewly to be back until the beginning of the week at the earliest). You can still upload and download - the only difference is that you won't collect any points (which can't be exchanged for beer anyway - they're just a bit of fun)
  6. Do not EVER hand out your phone number or e-mail in a public forum (unless you want to be the target of spammers)
  7. The serveris down - why it is or whether it's the database or whatever, nobody here would know. BC will still work (you just won't collect any points duuring the outage)
  8. Same thing - it's probably the bundled a/v software doing it. Just turn defender off until the program is downloadedand installed.
  9. You need to set up using a fixed IP number and set the ports in your router to forward to that port.
  10. It's your a/v reading a false positive. It 'something' detected what it thought was a virus, hen you have a/v running. I use Adawareand don't have a problem. However, as I said, McAfee is notorious for false positives on other apps. If it's deleting running files or downloaded torrents, then set that folder up as 'excluided' on scan and manually scan the downloaded files afterwards
  11. check that port forwarding is set up from your router - it's best to use a fixed IP on the computer before allocating ports
  12. It;s a 'false positive'. (McAfee is known for this in other apps). Turn off the a/v off for the download and install and then turn it back on. The app is clean, provided you download it directly from source
  13. Download history (in Windows) is in a hidden file - C:\Users\<Username>\Appdata\Roaming\Bitcomet
  14. bcrypt.dll is a microsoft file. If you google for it, there are lots of hits for downloading/repairing. You should also keep in mind that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft
  15. https://www.bitcomet.com/en/downloading v1.57.0 [Windows][MacOS]2019.5.8
  16. Tghat error code is normally associated with MS updates. Check this website for more info
  17. Even if it was possible there are problems: The cost (paid to the ISP for data transfers) would be very high The storage space would be limited It would be something completely different (from the existing app) requiring complete new code. Atpresent it's available on Windows and Mac- but not on Android or Linux (and that's not likely to change)
  18. We have no access to registered e-mail addreses. All you can do is to re-register. Fair enough, you'll lose 'ranking' and points but they're just 'for fun' really as the only thing the scoring gives is a gradual increasein long-term seeds. However, as even a beginner with no ranking can access 41 long term seeders, that's not really a problem (I neversee more than a dozen or so on any download)
  19. Would this not be better asked from Canon? BitComet has nothing to do with priinting (or even joined up writing)
  20. Please do NOT post links to other apps or websites
  21. It's in the small box (bottom left) with your score and ranking (it's just a bit of fun really)
  22. Annabella - read the earlier posts regarding the age of this Thread LOL And don't post links
  23. https://www.bitcomet.com/en/downloads Look for 'MacOS'
  24. VIP hasn't been an option for quite a while now
  25. Lao, you're answering a question asked a year ago (and the poster hasn't been back since)
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