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  1. Upload speed is depeendant on two things - the rate that you can physically upload at and the rate that the person you are seeding can download. If Joe Bloggs is downloading a file he is probably getting it from multiple sources of which you are only one. He is maxing out his download but with it being split, not all seeders will be able to transfer at maximum rate. He may also have throttled his download back (especially if he is downloading more than one file)
  2. It could if all files are set to upload - your connection will be running flat out and all files will be running at very slow rates (being split among others)
  3. Can I just ask everyone a huge favour please? Those of you who are planning to put Christmas lights around the outside of your houses, garden walls etc. please will you avoid anything blue and flashing? Every time I drive past I think it’s the police and have a mild panic attack. I have to remove my foot from the accelerator, apply the brakes, put my seat belt on, throw my phone on the floor and hide my beer. It’s extra drama I really don’t need! I appreciate your cooperation and understanding and hope I’ve given you all plenty of notice.
  4. a 1GB cache is way too high - I run mine at 4/100 min/max. With 36 GB of RAM, you shouldn't need a huge pagefile really, but make sure that max and min values are identical (that stops it fragmenting). Slow down on exit - remember that it has to write the unfinished tasks (and the cache) to the hard drive before exiting, so thaty could account for that
  5. Whatever is happening is definitely not a 'bug'. If that was the case, then everyone would have the same problem (which they don't). It's far more likely to be a problem in your computer - settings on the app, background app running, IP settings, firewall, a/v or whatever. A bug in an app doesn't just hit one computer - it hits all of them equally and should, at least, be able to be replicated on another machine using the same parameters.
  6. Are you talking about pagefile.sys (set in system properties) or disk cache (set in Bitcomet options)? Pagefile (or swapfile) should be round 2.5 times physical RAM and it's not the same as the Bictomet cache. Even so, if your physical RAM is low, you will get stuttering when you try to multi-task
  7. It will be in %appdata% (C:\Users\<name>\Roaming\BitComet\torrents
  8. It's perfectly possible that BitComet is blocked. That is the case with some public trackers and stemd from an old FUD that floated round years ago that 'BC hammered trackers' (completely untrue, but the idea persists). With private trackers, the owner can block whomseoever he wants and there's no comeback
  9. Please don't multi-post with the same problem in different threads
  10. If the problem is occurring with just one tracker, I'd hazard a very strong guess that the fault is with the tracker itself or the link to that tracker. If it was a problem with the client, then it should affect all trackers and not just one
  11. I would have no idea what may be running in the background on your machine - all you can do is to look at Task Manager and decide yourself (but do a full a/v scan first)
  12. " Page file on 4 physical disks " Keep it on ONE drive - your system is chasing itself around trying to write to four drives at the same time Run Task Manager and see what is running in the background
  13. And I thought I was being good at 4.01 🤔
  14. In addition to what Cassie said, check that your anti-virus isn't being hyper active. It could be scanning files, especially if you have a lot of fast downloads all needing to be scanned at the same time. Your CPU usage is a bit on the high side - mine runs between 8 and 11 % on uploading. What may also help is an increase in pagefile - set it to a fixed value (roughly 2 - 2.5 times your physical RAM) by entering the value in the max and min values in settings. Defragging the drive also helps but make sure there are no other running apps while you view
  15. On the first day after his divorce, he sadly packed his belongings into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, he had the movers come and collect his things. On the third day, he sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining-room table, by candle-light; he put on some soft background music, and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, a bottle of spring-water, 3 cans of sardines. When he'd finished, he went into each and every room and deposited a few half-eaten shrimps dipped in caviar, and some sardines into the hollow center of the curtain rods. He then cleaned up the kitchen and left. On the fourth day, the wife came back with her new boyfriend, and at first all was bliss. Then, slowly, the house began to smell. They tried everything; cleaning, mopping, and airing-out the place. Vents were checked for dead rodents, and carpets were steam cleaned. Air fresheners were hung everywhere. Exterminators were brought in to set off gas canisters, during which time the two had to move out for a few days, and in the end they even paid to replace the expensive wool carpeting. Nothing worked!...People stopped coming over to visit. Repairmen refused to work in the house...The maid quit. Finally, they couldn't take the stench any longer, and decided they had to move, but a month later - even though they'd cut their price in half - they couldn't find a buyer for such a stinky house. Word got out, and eventually even the local realtors refused to return their calls. Finally, unable to wait any longer for a purchaser, they had to borrow a huge sum of money from the bank to purchase a new place. Then the ex called the woman and asked how things were going. She told him the saga of the rotting house. He listened politely and said that he missed his old home terribly and would be willing to reduce his divorce settlement in exchange for having the house. Knowing he could have no idea how bad the smell really was, she agreed on a price that was only 1/10 nth of what the house had been worth ... but only if he would sign the papers that very day. He agreed, and within two hours her lawyers delivered the completed paperwork. A week later the woman and her boyfriend stood smiling as they watched the moving company pack everything to take to their new home and to spite the ex-husband... they even took the curtain rods!
  16. My 'fun' is wondering if my score will ever pass 4500 - every time it gets close, it moves backwards towards 4600 LOL
  17. I believe you may be talking about the VIP download - but that's no longer available Download speed is a combination of your bandwidth and the upload speed of the seeders. If they are throttled back, there's nothing you can do except wait
  18. George - please stick to one thread and not scatter all over the forum
  19. If it's a private tracker you will only get ONE instance showing - it won't connect to anywhere else
  20. Hsheng - it will say on the tracker list if it's a private tracker. As for the delay - that happens - no biggy
  21. Sanyaw - English (or Spanish or Irish) please)
  22. Chaotic - please read the earlier response. Shutting down the PC via the software won't corrupt anything as Bitcomet will save what it's doing. A hard reset (just turning off the power) will cause problems - the downloads can corrupt (and Bitcomet will probably need a hash check) and Windows itself will want to run chkdsk
  23. Dzien dobry tlab It dates back to a massive server crash some time ago. At that time the database was changed, along with the scoring website (which no longer gives the daily scores). As I said, to me it's just a bit of fun. Theoretically I can access a LOT of Long Term Seeds - in practice I don't think I've ever seen more than a dozen or so.
  24. That link can only be accessed with the correct login and password. That's why I keep repeating - you have possibly entered something incorrectly and the only real 'out' is to make a new account
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