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  1. You'll have to ask elsewhere - we don't supply stuff like that Anyway, go and get Libreoffice - fully MS compatible and free
  2. Having more than a handful of trackers causes problems. Not alone with the upload speed (which is nothing to do with the trackers) but you can have trackers being hammered (which is NOT a good idea).
  3. That has nothing whatsoever to do with the original post. Adding a monumental list of trackers actually slows things down (as well as being bad manners)
  4. You do realise you are replying to someone who hasn't been here in over two years?
  5. All I can do is advise - and part of that advice is that Kaspersky is known to have issues with some apps. It's not just BC. Additionaly, I'm part of the windows insider group (on skip ahead/fast track) and it's a known problem there for running A/V to really mess up an installation. Kespersky has also been known to cause problems with Firestorm Second Life viewer. I actually started with a ZX81 (and the wobbly RAM pack) and I build my own computers now.
  6. No - they're NOT. The standing instructions on most apps is to close ALL running programs and that INCLUDES the A/V. However, it's your choice - if there was a problem, it wouldn't have downloaded to begin with, but just as a FYI - I'm retired and I've been working with computers (professionally) since 8 bit days, but it's your choice to use an A/V program that is giving a false positive.
  7. I don't think anyone here can do that - double check that your e-mail, user name and password are correct
  8. Change your A/V - Kaspersky is acting on a false positive. The problem is in the A/V itself - not in Bitcomet. Read the thread I gave - it explains what the 'adware' is
  9. The fault seems to be with Kaspersky. There is NO virus or trojan in the file. All you can do is to disable the A/V (or change to another program), download and install and then re-activate the A/V This topic was discussed at some length here
  10. Try a clean install (use the free version of Revo uninstaller). It's also possible that you are blocked by a firewall, either in the computer or the router
  11. Maybe a bit more of an explanation - Bitcomet will not only download and upload .torrent files but it can also link into your web browser (if you want it to) and download files from the web into the Bitcomet folder
  12. If you 'stop' the download, you can rename it and restart it. Personally, in all the years I've been using BC, I've never seen that happen (but computers do strange things at times)
  13. Go to Options > BitComet > Tracker and clear that list. You can also manually remove trackers on each file shared
  14. Check that you are logged in correctly (user name and password) Also, please try to post in English Verifica di aver effettuato l'accesso correttamente (nome utente e password) Inoltre, prova a postare in inglese
  15. You're right - I hadn't looked (I've no running downloads at the moment - just uploads) but the 'piece map' just shows a blank. I did notice though that it appears for a moment when you switch files.
  16. There is no 'trojan'. What is happening is that some anti-virus apps think that installcore is one (it isn't) There is a big difference between a trojan (something that installs an unwanted app on the computer) and a virus (which attacks files already there). In the case of installcore, you do get an option whether or not to install the bundled software (which coincidentally, this time round, is a trial version of Symantec/Norton). It's the bundled commercial software that pays for the servers.
  17. My goodness - My Guinness LOL
  18. Guys - right click on the top menu bar and you can add extra columns
  19. The issue with 1.53 has already been reported to the devs
  20. I'm sorry that you don't like being told about what has been a known issue ever since 1.52 was released. This false positive has cropped up in more posts than enough and the cause has been stated over and over again. When you start to istall, you get one screen for the actual app; you then get a second install screen offering another piece of software. You can decline that. The reason it's there is that the external company pays to have it bundled and that's what pays for server time. The applet for installing that is what causes the false positive as the A/V simply sees it as 'adware' and then calls it a threat.
  21. Yes there is - you can decline at the bottom of the screen. However, it doesn't alter the fact that it's a false positive
  22. Your upload speed is set by a combination of what your ISP allows and the speed that leechers are taking the data at. There's nothing you can do at your end (well apart from restricting upload speeds, but that's the opposite of what you're wanting). I auto-shut off at 4.01 - some files go fast, others crawl
  23. False Positives - some A/V apps consider the bundled (optional) software to be a 'threat' (it isn't)
  24. We all were at one time LOL. Welcome aboard
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