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  1. IOt's not your PC but I think it's the database in the server. This problem has been going on since the last time it went down. When it came back, the scoring problems started
  2. Are you closing by the X or by the 'exit' on the menu?
  3. Don't feel so bad - none of the staff get it either LOL
  4. I'm afraid not - you do get a limited amount of VIP status after you've gained sufficient points but after that you do have to pay forpremium service
  5. That can only happen is they are in one download. If that's the case, then you set download order in the file properties to whichever order you want.
  6. Scroring has been crazy for quite a whie now. Personally I don't worry as it's really just for fun. At a guess it's in the server database (I upload several GB daily and am usually connected for 20 hours plus and normally collect all of 20 points LOL)
  7. Click on 'Task' in Options (top menu bar) and uncheck 'Play Sound'
  8. That is a false positive (and a known issue). It only happens with some anti-virus apps but not with others
  9. I think the highest number of LT seeds I've seen was just over a dozen. That's why I consider the 'ranking' system to just be a bit of fun.
  10. Use the 'check for updates' under 'Help' in bitcomet and you will find out that there is NO update available and that 1.49 is the latest version. I can't say what is happening on the website but to me it's an error and 1.50 is still not released
  11. I would think that his problem was solved - 12 YEARS ago (in July 2006)
  12. And that's what you're getting again - a false positive
  13. You can exclude or 'white list' it in any anti-virus apps it doesn't get affected. Personally I wouldn't use Defender but a third party app instead. There are numerous free ones out there, some better than others. I would advise against Webroot though as this has been known to be overly aggressive (and does cause problems in things like Second Life.
  14. Magnet links do take a bit longer to kick in as opposed to a .torrent file. That's perfectly normal.
  15. 'Magnet links' isn't a program. It's simply another way of initiating a download. It's used when there is a problem with downloading the actual .torrent file and is's shown by a yellow download mark instead of the green one. It may take a while before Bitcomet can actually initiate the transfer as it has to find trackers that match the hashtag of the file.
  16. open the magnet on the web page and when prompted 'open with bitcomet'
  17. There's no column specifically for showing LT seeding, however, if you look at the 'peers' column at the bottom it does show the data rates from all sources, including emule and LT seeds (if there are any)
  18. Presumably whoever runs that site has blocked any video 'grabbing'.
  19. Bitcomet handles magnet files with no problem - why ask about a different program?
  20. If you close down using the software, Bitcomet will save the data for incomplete files. However if you just turn off the power at the socket then it won't. Also, if you suspect that the file may be corrupted, stop the download, do a manual hash check on the file and re-start it
  21. I'm currently uploading at 550 kB/s and my task manager shows this. I don't know why it says I'm uploading at 4 kB/s though
  22. I think he may have tried other things when he posted - FOUR YEARS AGO LOL
  23. That sounds like a blocked port. You may need to set the computer to a fixed IP number like or depending on the settings of the router itself - it could be or (the last number isn't critical, provided it doesn't clash with any other computers or wireless printers, etc). When the computer IP is set, open the router in a browser and set port forwarding to any value over 1000 to the IP address you gave the computer. (with most routers you can set a block of port numbers like 14123 - 145321). Do that for both TCP and UDP
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