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  1. Chaotic - please read the earlier response. Shutting down the PC via the software won't corrupt anything as Bitcomet will save what it's doing. A hard reset (just turning off the power) will cause problems - the downloads can corrupt (and Bitcomet will probably need a hash check) and Windows itself will want to run chkdsk
  2. Dzien dobry tlab It dates back to a massive server crash some time ago. At that time the database was changed, along with the scoring website (which no longer gives the daily scores). As I said, to me it's just a bit of fun. Theoretically I can access a LOT of Long Term Seeds - in practice I don't think I've ever seen more than a dozen or so.
  3. That link can only be accessed with the correct login and password. That's why I keep repeating - you have possibly entered something incorrectly and the only real 'out' is to make a new account
  4. Rhubarb


    The only 'reward' is the ability to kick spammers LOL
  5. Have you tried it with the current version (1.52)? (Edit)..It's very unlikely to be a problem with Bitcomet itself but far more likely to be either in the OS or another running app. Check in Task manager for that First of all, I'd recommend a GOOD defragmentation: don't rely on the built in, once a week MS one - google Puran Utilities (free for personal use) and use that. Additionally, if you haven't whitelisted the Bitcomet and/or emule folders in your anti-virus settings, that can also cause problems. I''m not suggesting that you shouldn't check any downloads - you should still check them manually before opening them.
  6. Rhubarb


    You should be able to set 'e-mail me if replied to' in your account settings
  7. It's been doing that dor ages now - but it's not always 20 points (sometimes you get more - anthing from 22 to 120) My own 'ranking' has been floating up and down between 4500 and 4600 for a very long time now - when it gets close to 4500, scoring drops - when it gets close to 4600, scoring increases. There's a conspiracy out there to stop me getting a higher rank LOL. Seriously, it's just a bit of fun (you can't trade points in for beer). It seems to be a bug on the database in the server (it started when they had to rebuild the database last year)
  8. As I've already said, there is nothimng we can do regarding log-in details. There is an error at your end (whether it was an incorrectly typed password or what is something we simply can't tell). All that you can do is delete the account and set up a new one (and make 100% certain that you have entered the correct details)
  9. It's perfectly possible for there to be no seeds available, but a lot of peers which total over 100%. One problem is that some people drop any 'info' files on the download - the result there is they show 99% of the availability and get classed as a 'peer' and not a 'seed'. If you're able to download the complete file, I wouldn't worry unduly.
  10. All I can suggest at this point is that you open a new account. The login is your user name (not your e-mail). We have no way of resetting (or even knowing) what anyone's details are
  11. There was a problem with the server over the weekend but it's up and running now. All I can suggest is that you re-check your log-in details - incorrect caps,mis-spelling, etc can block the log-in
  12. That's always been a problem with private trackers - you're stuck with their settings. It's probably down to the ill-founded rumour that BitComet 'hammered' trackers (it doesn't, but that bit of FUD has been round for quite a while now).
  13. See if there is anything in this post that helps (especially setting the ports and router)
  14. Only thing I can think of is to make sure that UPnP mapping is 'on' in preferences and also try setting both TCP and UDP in the VPN. If you do solve it, please post the fix
  15. Does the port open when the VPN is disabled? It could be a problem with the VPN settings
  16. It looks like the server is down again - you can still down/upload but just can't add to the 'scoring (which doesn't buy beer anyway) It will probably be like that over the weekend (the guy that feeds the hamsters only works Monday - Friday)
  17. Of course there are adverts - how do you think the server and website are paid for? However, please do NOT post links to outside sites
  18. Some people are reporting that the problem lies with IPv6 - disabling that seems to make things work again. This could be an ISP problem (that IPv6 hasn't been implemented). Try disabling it in preferences
  19. The problem may lie with the IPv6 - your ISP may not support it. If disabling that works, then I'd leave it that way permanently. It seems that the implementation of IPv6 is very slow - some ISPs do support it while others don't (can't see why as we all knew years ago that the available slots in IPv4 were rapidly running out)
  20. Try it with any VPN stopped. I've found on mine that I do get a listening port problem if it's running (downloads will still work)
  21. First, make sure that DHT is checked in Options > Task BitTorrent. Also rightr click on the download and check in 'Advanced' as occasionally it doesn't set DHT. Also try a 'high' port number after setting a fixed LAN IP number in the computer > network settings. Open the router firmware and set that port to the IP number and port matching the one you just set. Try a complete reboot first: power down BOTH computer and modem/router, wait at least two minutes, restart the modem/router and, when it 'locks', restart the computer. One other possibility is the use of a VPN which, if not configured correctly can block the listening port
  22. Read post number 2 - also check that DHT is turned 'on' in options
  23. George, please stick to ONE thread and not post the same thing all over the place
  24. I have IPV6 and IPV4 both enabled with no problems. Did you check in options > Task> Bittorrent that DHT is enabled?
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