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  1. I'm using http://pirateray.com , they implement secure SSH tunnel encrypted connections with proxy, so I can hide my IP and be anonymous in torrents and when surfing in the internet as well as another option ( http://pirateray.com/proxy) (I could check with http://checkmytorrentip.com and it shows my IP as one from a different country indeed ), also the list of proxy servers is constantly updating, so I'm not on the same server all the time. It works with any torrent client , I tried Vuze and utorrent and the speed is OK. At least, it is a much better protection than nothing. Anyway, we need to be careful.
  2. there are different ways to hide your torrent activity. You can try PirateRay to encrypt and secure your connections with proxy+SSH tunneling with random selection of the servers in different parts of the world and stay anonymous. It's compatible with any torrent client (utorrent, Vuze, etc). And they have good customer support service. Anyway, you need to realize that nothing will provide 100% protection. Be careful.
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