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  1. Dear bitcomet team!!! the browsing is so slow while downloading a file with bitcomet. iam using bitcomet latest version and windows 7 32 bit along with ADSL modam. My internet connection is BSNL broadband unlimited 256 kbps speed. I tried with other Download manager like FDM, there is no problem atall. But in the case of downloading speed, bitcomet is soopper. So, hope this will solve in the next release.
  2. Thanks dear for your great help. Tilll now, I don't no anything regarding with ufloding torrent. today you opend a new door to me. Thanks indeed for your great help.
  3. dear bitcomet team!!! thanks for your all support. here I would like to ask few doubts regarding with afloading files using our product. before that, I will explained what are the steps I have followed for afloading. please correct me if I have missed anything. 1. I have selected the file. 2. in the tracker edit field, I have typed these public trackers they are, http://open.tracker....ay.org/announce http://www.torrent-d...o:2710/announce http://denis.stalker...m:6969/announce udp://denis.stalker.h3q.com:6969/announce http://www.sumotracker.com/announce udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80 udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80 udp://tracker.ccc.de:80 udp://tracker.istole.it:80 3. then I tick the publisher info check box, and type the publisher name. 4. I typed in the publisher website field www.torrentbox.com. 5. after save the file I pressed ok on, make torrent button. I could see another page that is webseeding tab and one edit box there I typed www.torrentbox.com so, it was announcing please type emule server. I don't no, what I have to type there so, leave that edit box as blank. 6. I take the properties of the respective file. then I tick 2 tick boxes under tracker page. they are: Share this Task in Torrent Share, and, Bypass Task Seeding Rules (task always active) tick boxes. 7. then I ufloded in to www.torrentbox.com. 8. then I redownloaded the file. while click on download file, it was telling, task exist. here my doubts are: am I skipped any steps??? and how can I check weather my torrent is working or not? I checked all trackers list, it was showing like, http://open.tracker....iratebay.org/an... 18 0:04:31 2012-07-26 05:34:31: Tracker connection error: 10061 http://www.torrent-downloads.to:2710/... 18 0:04:34 2012-07-26 05:34:34: Tracker connection error: 10061 http://denis.stalker....com:6969/annou... 18 0:02:57 2012-07-26 05:32:57: Tracker connection error: 11004 udp://denis.stalker.h3q.com:6969/annou... 17 0:00:06 2012-07-26 05:31:05: UDP Tracker no response. http://www.sumotracker.com/announce 18 0:04:24 2012-07-26 05:34:24: Failed to decode tracker response. udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80 17 0:00:06 2012-07-26 05:31:05: UDP Tracker no response. udp://tracker.ccc.de:80 0 0:09:41 1 1 logged in; 2012-07-26 05:21:01: Tracker returned 1 peeScore: 1752 iam using first time our torrent ufloder, thatsway iam asking these doubts. so, your help will be more appriciatable . iam attaching my torrent along with this post, kindly check weather it is working or not please, thanks in advance yours, Timy. NVDA 12.torrent
  4. dear friends!!! I would like to narrate one big problem which iam facing, since day after yesterday my download speed was in between 50 KBPS and 60 KBPS with all downloaded files. but since yesterday my download is so slow that is, 11 KBPS and 17 KBPS ect ect. please tell me what I should do for that previous download speed around 60 and more?? I understood while increasing my score I will get more and more download speed aswell. So, here iam giving all of the details regarding with my bitcomet score and system configuration. my score is 748 which iam preparing this post. my system configuration are follows: operating system: windows xp service pack 2. bitcomet version: 1.32. internet modem: ADSL modem. [Y five modem]. Internet connection: BSNL unlimited broadband 256 KBPS. My another doubts are , I couldn't understand what is these two options under emule pleggins under options under files tab they are, Add files to download in paused mode and, Try to download preview chunks mode. by default that is not ticked, so, do I have to tick those??? how it will work if I have checked once?? hope knowledgeable people will respond soon. with many million thanks yours, Timy .
  5. Dear admin g!!! thank you for the help. I have another doubt: our pleggins won't download automatically if the download stuck in the middle??? for example, the file stuck on 5.9, our pleggins can't do anything???
  6. Thanks dear friends for your great comends. now it is showing download: 0 and afload: 19 . so, here my question is, will start the download automatically once this afload get finished??? sorry for the cilly questions. thanks in advance your friend, Timy.
  7. Dear friends!!! I have downloaded a file but its stuck 28.7. while reading the commends I could understood there are no seeds. please tell me how can I seed?? the respective link is: (link elided - mod)
  8. hai my dearest bitcomet team!!! iam glad to knowing about your trying to hard day by day for improving your product. So, here I would like to see some of the key shortcut in the next release. as a blind person, iam able to download successfully with our product, but some time some of the options iam not able to use with my screen reader. (talking software). they are: how much is my score, and what about my ranking position, history option ect. about my screen reader JAWS, its having 3 curser they are, PC curser, JAWS curser, invisible curser. about PC curser, that is a normal curser, it will read, or announce the general think. but the JAWS curser, it will read what PC curser won't read. But, invisible curser, it will read what JAWS curser won't read. for example, these are the thinks I have accessing indirectly, that means, with the help of JAWS curser under our bitcomet window. iam pasting those thinks here, for understanding the layout of how the screen reader is reading. Download: 39 kB/s, Upload: 5 kB/s - BitComet 1.32 File View CometID Tools Help 40.0% T eBay New Open Open URL Make Favorites Start Stop Preview OpenDir Properties Delete Options Homepage Movies malayalam songs golden collection 39kB/s Ch Tags Search Tasks Name V.. C.. S.. P.. malayalam songs golden collection 39 kB/s 5 kB/s timy L Start Page Comments Summary Files Trackers Logs Peers Statistics S File Name P.. Progress Pri... Size LT Seeds ED2K link Debug info Old Melodies-1 609.46 MB Ilanjipoomanamozhuki.MP3 47.3% High 15.18 MB 0 Click to Add Ran Mangalamkunnile.MP3 100% [Fin... 12.73 MB 0 Click to Add Saraswathiyamam.MP3 100% [Fin... 8.63 MB 0 Click to Add Innalemayangumbol.mp3 100% [Fin... 6.60 MB 0 Click to Add Samyamakanno.MP3 2.9% High 5.99 MB 0 Click to Add Nadha Brahmathin - Kattukurangue.mp3 0.0% High 5.83 MB 0 Click to Add Sangeethame.mp3 100% [Fin... 5.75 MB 0 Click to Add Kattile.mp3 30.0% High 5.71 MB 0 Click to Add Pennalepennale.mp3 0.0% High 5.41 MB 0 Click to Add Nakshathra Deepangal Thilangi - Nirakuda.mp3 0.0% High 5.33 MB 0 Click to Add 1 selected / 1 in total timysebastian signed in. DHT Connected: 1476 Blocked: our main ame is everyone should benefited from our product isn't it?? So, iam suggesting u to please try to add this key shortcut in the next release similar to below please, display current ranking position, score, % : alt R. display history window control H. Start page, alt S. display files page, alt shift F. Display commends page, alt shift c. display Tracker page, Alt shift T. Most of the blind people started to using this product, we will be happy if the above shortcut will added in the next release. with many million thanks your , Timy.
  9. bitcomet is hiering now because of the hardwork!!! so, dear bitcomet team, may more and more success come in the future!!! with thanks in advance yours, Timy.
  10. thanks both of as for helping me out. I change the player to VLC, so, now my problem get solved. thanks once again.
  11. Dear sir, thank you for your great reply. I got your doubt, and the answers are so simple. your doubts are: I imagine trying to separate the text of the message from the other text displayed by the forum, your web browser, advertisements, etc. dear sir, this screen reader is not a simple one, its having its on dictionary and spelling and grammar checking tools ect ect. but because of some irritation iam not using it now. not only that, the person can custamise how they are liking. for example, there are three level: those are, highlited, all, nun. if we put on the highlited mode it will read only fasific item, not hole one. but if it in a all mode, it will read everything on the screen. but in the case of nun, it will only read if we are used our reading commands, that is insert (numpard 0)downarrow. about advertisements and all, we will use letter n that is, read only text navigation. then it won't read some kind of unwanted advertisements. like, we have lots of keyboard commands H for headings, C for combo boxes, R for radio buttons, B for buttons ect ect. If we want to bookmark any purticular line in a webpage we are using shift control k for adding the book mark. for navigating to purticular bookmark, according to jaws that is, place markers we will use letter K. previous place marker that is shift K. in short, if the person good at in the keyboard commands, he or, she can navigate any webpages without any dificulty!!! want to test this screen reader jaws?? please visit this link: www.freedomscientific.com under download section u can download jaws demo version according to your wish. we are not atall using mouse!!! all the commands are using with the help of keyboard. thanks for reading this long reply. yours, Timy.
  12. Hai dear friends!!! today I found one intresting think that is, our bitcomet software downloading without any problem, which is utorrent cannot download so far. ,thanks dear bitcomet team for this great torrent clind!!!!!!!. iam really enjoying it. not only that, that is really accessable for anyone. so, dear bitcomet team, thank you for the great effert. with many million thanks yours, Timy Sebastian Ettumanoor, Kerala-india.
  13. hai dear friends!!! iam not able to preview now a days while downloading the file after 10 %, please telll me what I have to do??? not only that, if the folder contain many files, the finished one is previewing, not downloading one. If I check the downloading one and do preview it is telling me to file not found. iam using windows xp service pack to and bitcomet version 1.32. I check with all of the previewing option, all are checked. this problem happend to me since yesterday. any solution please, thanks in advance yours, Timy.
  14. hai dear friends!!! iam Timy Sebastian from india-kerala. iam happy to join this wonderful group. about me, iam a visually impaired person (blind person). iam using our foram, as well as bitcomet clind with the help of one talking software (screen reader ). the name of the software is JAWS (Job access with speach). about this screen reader, it will announce what ever appear in the screen in anywhere, that might be internet, or torent clind, anywhere in the computer. and more about me, iam a comadi artist. I did lots of shows in some TV channels also. once again, thanks bitcomet support team for this wonderful foram. thanks in advance yours, Timy.
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