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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I've had a good long look on the forum but I'm no closer to getting the elusive green light. I hope I've included all the necessary info: BitComet v1.47 (just the latest version I've tried as a fix), 64Bit, BT ADSL high speed (lol) broadband with Smart Hub Type A (no other make/model info on the Hub) Home Wireless network McAfee Total Protection on laptop (Acer Aspire E15) 64Bit, running Windows 10 Home, version 1709 IPVanish VPN Situation is: Until late last year I was using TalkTalk ADSL broadband. Their wireless router didn't allow users to manage settings
  2. Almost all the commerical video streaming companies in China use the torrent protocals to deliver their content. However when I try to use torrents from outside of China I get no speed or very slow speeds. I can only connect with peers inside the Great China Firewall. So if I want to download something like GIMP in English I need to use a VPN. However if I want to download Games of Throwns with Chinese Subtitles, no problem. I was wondering if there are any public Chinese trackers that might give me access to more Chineses seeders and I'd get better speed without resorting to a VPN. Than
  3. this is a suggestion. It would be a great and useful feature if you could put geolocation rules into the bitcomet engine. I am in China so I spend most of my internet time using a VPN. Many VPN do not like torrents. My VPN wants be to use their German servers for torrents. It would be very useful if BitComet has an option that allowed me to tell it, if my IP address is in the US, UK, Australia, etc stop all download/uploads. Honestly this is a feature I would pay for since it would save me a lot of hassle.
  4. Hello everyone, First I'll give some essential information about my setup: 1) What version of BitComet are you using? Bitcomet 64bit v1.32 2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)? Fibre Optic hard line (very fast - I live in Japan) 3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port? Modem: yes (provided by my ISP - NTT) and set to "Bridge" Router: yes (Asus RT-AC66U Dual Band) 4) If you have more than one router, be sure to mention the make and model of both devices, how are they connected (i.e. in
  5. in bitcomet it keeps failing to find my firewall I will post screen shots for you I am running version 1.35 stable I have a vpn but when ever bitcomet see my firewall the green light in on so my connection is good but when it cant find the firewall it is yellow witch hurts everyone that torrents. I have gone into the firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security 2013) and put my port in so its not blocked and still wont work. I will try very hard to get a screen shot of a green light with my vpn its all up to bitcomet tho if it wants to find my firewall. I have all the settings in bitcomet setup to ad
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