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Found 24 results

  1. What is the word on BitComet coming out with a VPN for the users?? is this even in the making?? I hope this is coming out soon!!!
  2. Hello friends, I am having a weird issue on my Windows 10 computer after installing BitComet. After installing this, I received this error message "The system cannot find the file specified." I have no idea why this happens. Could someone please help me to solve the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. i am ready to kill! - I had w7 with bitcomet and it brought up a list of movies, I downloaded them and a minute later I was viewing the movte; now it is a nightmare since it won't download or let me play movies; in addition, i want bitcomet and somehow end up with BITTORRENT!!!!! Then there is bitking (totally worthless!) does nothing but buffer forever. i got imac and sold the Dell XPS because everyone said apple was much better than the W10 nightmare! Am i not doing things in a less complicated way; or am I losing my mind? I would really like to know what i have to do to download movies from pirate bay; I used it for years with no problems! thanks in advance.
  4. I have a question, BitComet will install I2P plugin at some future version? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I2P https://geti2p.net/en/docs/applications/bittorrent I think it would be a great addition to BitComet 😎
  5. Buenas, tengo un problemita con el bitcomet, hace dos dias que no me deja ingresar a mi cuenta, solamente pongo ingresar y se queda cargando y cuando clickeo en acceder aparesco como si estuviera conectado en la pagina del bitcomet. Hello, I have a little problem with BitComet. For the last two days, it hasn't allowed me to log into my account. I only click on Enter it remains as though loading and, when I click on Access, it shows as though it was trying to connect.
  6. Hi guys, my problem is bitcomet was blocked my tcp suddenly. It's was working. Tomorrow, i opened bitComet then that was blocked the port. Then, I download uTorrent, that opened my tcp. All of settings is set up as you publish it. 1) 1.47 version of BitComet 64bit 2) Optical Fiber my internet 3) My modem huwaii. HG253s model. I forwarded my port. I have no other telephone etc. 4) No Also, if you have more than one computer make sure to mention in this case, to which router is every one of them connected. 5) Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Firewall closed. I have no Antivirus 6) No. i don't use.
  7. So here is my problem, i downloaded a movie torrent via magnet link and when i completely finish the download. I go to the download folder to play the movie and I see that my movie file is just named "file". It almost looks like a white blank sheet as a icon. Can anyone help me out. P.S i done this with multiple movie files and got the same result. Thank You Info: (Using) Windows 7 64bit Bitcomet (64-bit) 1.35
  8. For example, 1. We make changes in the appearance by hiding VIP, Comments, Snapshots, Preview with help of drag option. Once we exit/shutdown and open the bitcomet these changes are not being reflected. Again we need to do from the start. 2. In all the tabs(Statistics,Peers,Files,etc) we are setting specific column width/lenght based on our convenience Once we exit/shutdown and open the bitcomet these changes are not being reflected. Again we need to do from the start. 3. We are adjusting left pane width (Channels/Bookmarks) and height of our profile info(bottom) Once we exit/shutdown and open the bitcomet these changes are not being reflected. Again we need to do from the start. Please let us if there is a feature which will remember all the changes/settings. If there ain't it would be great if you could add in the next release. Thank you Once we exit and open the bitcomet these changes are not being reflected. Again we need to do from the start.
  9. First time posting in here. Not sure if anyone has the same problem as me. Here is the problem I have: Every time I open the Bitcomet, my internet network is disconnected, i need to wait between 4 min to 5 mins for the internet to connect again. I am not sure if it's conflict problem or whatever. Does anyone know the solution to this? or know what the reason is? Thanks
  10. We need a remote for Bitcomet with full interface for Android at least, almost all competitors have it since quiet long now. :/ I'd love to control my torrents via phone with the help of an app. (I know of web GUI, but that looks outdated..)
  11. I want bitComet for ubuntu. Is there any chance?
  12. hello i am currently using firefox 3.6.13 and bitcomet 1.37 and it seems not compatible with each other. well the bitcomet is showing in the extension of the firefox, but when i try to download something using firefox. it doesnt connect with bitcomet. what are the versions compatibility you are currently using for each other? thanks
  13. Hi all, Ancient bitcomet user here. Just signing in. Hope you are all well.
  14. Hello all, I'm sorry if this is sound stupid but Bitcomet is free right ? but is it open source ? i mean is the code source available somehow ? Im asking because i'm a developer, and i really like bitcomet but i like to tweak/add somethings to it. i really suggest if it is open to put it on github so every one could help improving it ;)
  15. This is what i get when trying to install 20131129 beta on Windows 8.1. Not sure about previous builds. This can be override by Windows 8 compatibility option in exe's settings. Would be nice to fix in the next builds.
  16. I've tried almost everything but I can't open my port, I've followed all the steps on www.portforward.com, My IP is already static, I've added an inbound rule on Windows firewall for my specific TCP and UDP port, allowed BitComet to pass throught firewall, I've tried turning my firewall off, configure my router, I've tried using a program called simple fort forwarding, I've search and read countless topic on how to open your port, I've tried turning my router on and off but still no luck and my port won't still open, and its grinding my gears I'm on windows 8, my router is Linksys E900, BitComet 1.36 I'm sorry, I know this question have been ask multiple times.
  17. Goodday Gentlemen I have recently switched from using a laptop top a desktop PC, and used BitComet for torrent on both of them. I always make sure my upload ratio is at the very least 1:1. Since i have started using BitComet on my PC, i have noticed that my download and upload information in the 'Statistics' bar has been reset (i have logged in with my account). Does anyone know if there is some place where i can see my overall download history, because i dont want to go lower than 1:1 accidently and then turn into one of those Hit and Run bastards. I am using 64-Bit BitComet version 1.36 on Windows 8 Pro 64Bit, and i am connected via a Billion 800 VGT router with 2MB per sec ADSL (bloody third world internet). Regards Keycooker
  18. I installed bitcomet 1.36 on ubuntu 12.10 through wine windows program loader.It does not work. I have some other programs like notepad ++ or foxit pdf reader installed which are working. I will appreciate if any solution is suggested.
  19. Hello, I'm trying to build an application which uses Bitcomet and I can't find any documentation nor examples to how to use BitCometAgentLib and BitCometBHOLib. I need them in order add a new file into Bitcomet and to make Bitcomet to begin the download. I will be very thankful for any kind of help or guidance for this matter. My problem, at this point, is to add a torrent file to Bitcomet because of the confirmation part (I want to automate the confirmation). Thanks Alex
  20. Hey guys what's up my name is Andrew, but most people online refer to me as X902Boss or Andy_Man656, I've been a using bitcomet for quite some time now I finally decided to make an account and get more involved with the community that helps this program be what it is today. I do play my own part in making gameplays and tutorials for the game s I download at www.Youtube.com/X902Clan and I'm actually going to be doing a few tutorials on games and how to optimize your BitComet download speed and so forth to hopefully take some of the work load of the guys who volunteer to make these forums possible for us. Please enjoy.
  21. Bitcomet works with Windows 8, but you have to set compatibility with Windows 7 to get superbar features back. Plx make it avaliable for windows 8 too, win 8 supports them as well.
  22. Hello, I just installed the latest Bitcomet 1.32. I just finished setting it to my preferences, but encounterd a problem. My anti-virus is not recognized, im using Microsoft Security Essentials. Can someone tell me how to cofigure settings manually (ex. "Anti-virus program path:" and "Execute parametar"), and if some official read this post pls make this anti-virus software detectable because its good and free :)
  23. 1) What version of BitComet are you using? 1.31 64 Bit 2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)? Cable 3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port? Cable modem, netgear router (not an issue with connectivity) 4) If you have more than one router, be sure to mention the make and model of both devices, how are they connected (i.e. in which connector of both devices is the network cable plugged) and which one of the devices is connected to or is the modem. Also, if you have more than one computer make sure to mention in this case, to which router is every one of them connected. (3 computers connected to the router) 5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use? McAfee Every since I upgrade from one of the older BitComet released I have not been able to launch a torrent search from any of the engines within the client. The search engine box does nothing. I cannot launch any of the links at the top of the client (i.e. homepage, forum, movies etc....) I use Google Chrome build 17.0.963.56 as my default browser. I also have Firefox installed. I have IE turned in the off windows option I do not use it. Can anyone assist me?
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