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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I searched for this topic just incase if has been reported already, but was able to find it. Apologies if its already up. Since the latest update (version 1.53 64 bit) i haven't been able to see any of the piece map, the tab is there, its just got nothing in it. I've been Bitcomet user for 10+ years now and this is the first time i've had to do this as you guys normally to a top notch job. I'm not complaining at all. I just thought i'd point it out if no one else had yet. Sorry i tried uploading a screenshot but for the life of me I couldn't get it to work. Kept getting errors. Thanks a
  2. Hello BitComet team, I recently updated BitComet 1.49 -> 1.52 (I regret it). I haven't any problem with BitComet 1.49. Now, with BitComet 1.52 I have a big bug with one tracker particurlarly : yggtorrent.to (tracker.ygg.is) When I download a new torrent, all is good, I can leech, finish my download then seed my torrent. I can stop, and start again the task. But, each time I close BitComet, when I start BitComet again, all my torrents from this tracker only, don't connect again from this tracker... The event log of the torrent is : "No log found fo
  3. i dont know it is bug or what but 5 task is stopped at 99.9% even there are so many seeders
  4. Hi, I am using version 1.37 on windows 8.1 64bit. Over the last few days when i start a torrent it immediately moves it from where it is to the bottom of the bitcomet list.This has never happened before and i haven't changed any settings recently.Also recently it appears to be downloading but after several minutes the percentage doesn't move.Also i have the client set to only run one task at a time which until a few days ago worked but now the setting doesn't seem to be working.This has all started happening over the last week. Like i said i haven't changed any settings recently.If you need an
  5. I don't know if any of you guys are experiencing this, but the website http://www.vvlyrics.com/ seems to down. It shows "502 Bad Gateway" error. Non of the lyrics on my player are showing up anymore. This has been for a many weeks, if not say months. I tried to upgraded my version of comet player, but every link on your website returns me with a "No data received" error. Pls help.
  6. Dear Comet Staff, i would like to report a bug when playing bluray .MKV video. first i thought it was the video but later i downloaded another freeware player and found it to be ok. so i think it is the MPC player bug. the attachment included is 2 .png desktop screenshot of mpcstar and VLC. you can see the different. please fix this as soon as posible. i love to use MPCstar because it responds better than any other player. i use to play using GOM player but it is not responding well and the subs always missing. VLC player is good but always hang. in case, here is my laptop spec Toshiba L310
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