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Found 5 results

  1. When downloading all torrents Bitcomet allocates disc space, although this option is not checked. v1.76 [Windows] [macOS] 2021.4.8 is intalled.
  2. why i download from other client (utorrent etc.) much fast than bitcomet client itself? tcp/udp below 3kb
  3. The preview option is excellent for its purpose. :wub: My request however is for a preview like option that not only load the first few percent of the video but does it in increments or sequence rather. For example: After the initial preview section is completed, priority is given to the next 5% of the video, then the next 5% and so on. This would greatly improve the experience for those of us who watches videos on the fly or so to speak.
  4. Hello I've loved bitcomet for years. So much that I even stopped updating my other programs (firefox,add-on, etc) because it wouldn't allow bitcomet to see online videos and audios. Yet I could only do that for so long till the flash drive gave me problems and I updated everything. I went to the new Bitcomet 1.34 (64bit) but it doesn't detect any flash files. I've tired downloading 34bit or past bitcomet but still doesn't seem to help. I'm currently using 1.34(64 bit) The bitcomet 1.34 is in the extention But the bitcomet is in the plug in I tried going into the firefox plug-ins to delete it manually but it still shows up. After uninstalling the program it looks like I can manually delete it but when I reinstall it it shows up again.. Yet even if I get rid of it I'm not sure if its enough to get Bitcomet to detect the flash files online. I've tried uninstalling firefox and reinstalling. Even deleteing all the bitcomet files after uninstalling to see if that can clean up anything. Was even willing to connect to another web brower I tired downloading chrome but bitcomet doesn't seem to connect with that.[ I've uploaded some images for you to see what I'm talking about and hopefully give you a better idea to fix the problem. I have a window 7 64bit, up graded from a window vista desktop, I use firefox 13.0.1. I use DSL 12MB internet connection. I don't have any problems with the speed, it worked fast before. With a wireless connection The information on the images will tell you about my current plug-ins. Thank you for help.
  5. Hello, I wish to rename the folder containing a BitComet download. For the sake of argument, let's say it is at "C:\Downloads\Torrent download". I tried to rename the folder from "Torrent download" to, say, "Foo bar", using Windows Explorer. That didn't work. So what I tried to do was using cmd.exe > Open as administrator, then: (1) cd C:\Downloads (2) ren "Torrent download" "Foo bar". It told me "Access denied". My question is: Why do I not have access rights to rename the folder containing BitComet files despite being administrator? I suspect it is something induced by BitComet. If so, any way I can bypass it? Thanks for any help in advance.
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