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Found 3 results

  1. I think Bitcomet needs a Queue System , Like bittorrent and utorrent , bitcomet is better than them and faster but the lack of queue is a problem for me I have to stay awake until 2:00 am to choose the downloads with higher priority and start just them , so I will be glad ifn the next version/update a queue system would be included
  2. Hi; it seems that bitcomet can't be configured to download one file at a time ( only one http download at a time AND one torrent download at a time ), can you make an option regarding the maximum simultaneous tasks, i.e: if i choose one task at a time it will not download http and torrent, but rather will download http then torrent (depending on how queued them). Best regards.
  3. I am eager to attract your attention to one very useful feature that must be incorporated in bitcomet it is: Importance of downloading http and torrent files in queue / one by one, here this is needed because of priority cause one file that is most recently needed such as to install a downloading software or movie or any file, cause it may not to be skipped cause of it utmost important, for example downloading important document from mail for buisness use or any security update patch that is most needed within a network or computers to stop hacking and infiltration, or if boss wanted that file and it is of utmost importance needed in a meeting, when this utmost important download is finished cause using the full bandwith the software may continue downloading with other files when this file has been completed . The highest priority software can be used or extracted by any other user in the same pc attending or from the folder in the network. This will automate the bitcomet downloading. others example may be a user may not attend his pc hourly or from time to time or wake up at night attending it. He may become carefree after the task is given to the software. He may devote his time to other work. For me it is of very importance and i think it will be of importance to other users too. That is why this feature is incorporated in utorrent and vuge. Thanking you for taking time for devoting on this kind of feature and going through this.. With regards shresharma(shresharma@rediffmail.com)
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