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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, im having trouble with my downloads. The trackers they try to connect to dont give a respons. (UDP Tracker not responding). This applies to almost all my torrents. Some of them have trackers that respond (mainly http://explodie.org:6969/announce). I have checked every thing that is posted in your forum and on other sites, but nothing helps. Is there any solution you can suggest? If possible, any way to connect the working tracker to other torrents? Im using Bitcomet version 1.37 64bit. Adsl connection with a Zyxel modem.
  2. i tried using various torrents with different trackers but bitcommet cannot connect insted it finds Seeds with DHT.... i want to know that why such a good client cannot connect to trackes to find peers And why bitcomet eats my bandwidth when listening to port...like 30kbps continuously need an answer <_< <_< <_< <_< <_< :( :( :( :( :(
  3. I was wondering if an option can be added to make BitComet grab trackers from different torrent websites (torrentz, kickass, extratorrent, h33t, etc...) around the web according to the torrent's info hash instead of just googling for them and cleaning the impurities to make a compatible list, as some websites don't have this feature (e.g. extratorrent and h33t). Also, when adding the same torrent through different sources, usually the trackers listed in each torrent file of a different source are different. To further explain myself, let's say we have a torrent file that is downloaded from source A and source B. Now the torrent file from source A is added to BitComet's task list, then the torrent file from source B is added to BitComet's task list. This gives you in BitComet "Torrent Task Exists!", but does not merge the tracker lists. I don't know if it's supposed to merge the lists, but in my experience, it never did it. So, if it isn't a feature already, can it be added?! Thanks.
  4. Ok so i have a strange problem on my bitcomet ... I am using a privatetracker from last 3-4years and never had this issue ... nor my username is blocked or something on that site .... Whenever i try to download any torrent from that particular site i get a 10060 error and i don't get any speed .... other private tracker and free torrents are working fine without any issue .... Talked with that particular site admin and he says nor my id is blocked and no1 expect me has such a issue ...i have tried other torrent and it's not working either .... i have tried the same user id to download from my friends house and it was working without any issue .... So something from my pc is blocking it to download .... what can it be ? Need help I have not changed any settings on my network or my pc from last 6-7months and i am using a Netgear router
  5. Hi! I would like to suggest adding this option on tracker (Individual Tracker Update) as it's useful for refreshing specific tracker. Also if there is update trackers by order not all at the same time to prevent cancelling each others out it would be best. Thank in advances. Always BitComet user :)
  6. Hello, to download huge files via torrent - i need to update to update the tracker every 1 hour or so to keep the download speed to the max. Why is it so? Is there a way to make the process( right click on file> update tracker) auto? Thank you.
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