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Found 5 results

  1. The title is the question.I have used Bitcomet for a while and it in my opinion is the best(as far as speed) out there but i get a lot of bugs like freezing every few seconds (not always but often) and refusing to stop when i stop it,then i have to force shutdown the app. Is there a real security concern using an older version because i may try that if there is no plans for an update.Its been over a year since an update so i'm thinking this is as far as the updates are going.I hope i am wrong though because it usually serves me the best.
  2. Would it be possible to widen the bar that seperates the video screen and the playlist by more than 2 pixels? Currently the width is 2 pixels but is hard to grab... possibly make it greater than 5 pixels... at least 10 pixels would be perfect! I enjoy using mpcstar all the time when I play all my videos and all the other players just don't come close to what I want in a player. Thanks! I would really appreciate this implemented soon! =D
  3. Forgive me but 4 days is enough looking through the forum to see about an answer. And yes I typed in every permutation to try and get an answer or topic profile. Every time I click on a torrent, a display comes up to update my Google Chrome. I have the latest version, I have deleted history and cookies, I have uninstalled and reinstalled G-Chrome and still the pop up. I have Windows 7 (latest update). Everything is of the latest updates as of 9/7/2013.
  4. Hi everyone, As you may know I'm one of the all-time CometBird's user. I love this web browser as this is a perfect partner for Firefox — I mean, hands up if you ever wanted to have 2 Firefoxs running at the same time because of your 2 Google/Yahoo!/whatever accounts... ;) CometBird used to help a lot to users like me. However, since far April CometBird have stopped updating. Last version available is 11.0 from 2012.04.01 and Firefox's current version is 16.0.1. :o So far, none of the CometNetwork employees told us what happened, why there is no more updates since a long time. I repeat, I love CB, but it's seriously risky to go browsing around with such outdated web browser. So I think I've gotten a possible solution for all those CB users that are as worried as me — The solution is to try the Comodo's IceDragon web browser, which is a Firefox's fork for Windows, just like CB. Good news is that current IceDragon version is, which means it's just updated as current Firefox release. IceDragon is available in the same languages that Firefox, the installer is in United States English though. If you need to change the browser's UI language, once you installed and ran it, go to Tools > Options > General > and under the Select browser language (requires restart) option, select your favorite language. Then, choose your preferred languages for browsing the web: go to Tools > Options > Content > Languages section and click the Choose... button. So here you have the IceDragon web browser by Comodo. Anyway I'll keep using CometBird v11.0 until next new year because I hope they release new versions of CB. If they don't, I'll keep using CB11 until December's last days. Hope this alternative web browser helps other people as it did for me. ;) Best regards,
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