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Found 5 results

  1. I use Bitcomet as shown in the picture. At the begining I was seeding 4 torrents then before finishing my seeding I left one seed. 2 minutes after, my seeding speed on the upper right corner (I think it must be general upload) is still greater then the file seeding in it's line. What can be the reason ? Leechers ? Or and unknown connection ? http://turcguide.com/genel/picture.jpg
  2. hello why when I download, the upload stay always at 0 it is not good for my ratio thanks
  3. Let's say (just hypothetically ofc. ;-) ) that I downloaded some music album with .mp3 files in it. Let's say also that Artist and Track name is not completely correct and I am using Last.FM to scrobble what I listen. Thus, in order to scrobble my music correctly, I modified metadata of .mp3 files with winamp, to change Artist name. But, when I do that and still want to upload the music I downloaded an I am listening, Bit Comet says that files were modified and wants to perform Hash Check. What will happen if I say no? I suppose that all will be OK if the file parts I am uploading will happen to be the correct ones. But what if someone wants from me file part that was modified? Will this part will be just rejected and everything else is OK (they will download only not-modified parts from me and don't touch modified), or it can cause some errors to the person which downloads it from me? In other words, is it "safe" to upload files with modified parts, or these parts can be downloaded and things can get complicated? (P.S. If modified file parts are rejected, are there some advanced options (for example in BitComet) that allows such manoeuvres? )
  4. So, there is a question that I hope someone can answer because of my incessant need to progress in anything that has a leveling system and giving back to the "community" that has helped me so many times in the past. I would like to know if it is possible to seed and upload data for a torrent which I have already finished. In the past I have completed downloading and deleted the task and deleted it from history but I still have most (probably about 90%) of the torrent files I used to download before. Say I have the .torrent for The Simpsons season 1-19; I have already moved all those files to a portable hard drive but can I still somehow reactivate the .torrent file and upload to others? There are a lot of files that I want to revive.
  5. Hola! He estado teniendo un problema compartiendo archivos, acabo de descargar 5 torrents de varios Gigas cada uno. Mientras los estaba descargando se compartían bastante bien, llegaban a una velocidad de subida de 30KB/s que es la que puse como máximo. Pero ahora que ya están descargados, estas velocidades no suben de unos 6KB/s, y eso sólo en ciertos momentos, en muchos otros no comparte para nada. Los torrents tienen muchos Leechers, 3 de ellos más de mil, por lo que no sé por qué no descargan de mis archivos. Uso BitComet 64 Bit 1.31. Tengo un internet de AXTEL de 2Mbps, y tengo una velocidad de descarga de 200KB/s y de subida de unos 50KB/s. Uso un router DLink DIR-600, y AXTEL cuenta con otro módem, los puertos ya están abiertos, y para descargarlos no tuve muchos problemas. Uso Windows 7 Ultimate Ed. Con el Firewall de windows y de antivirus AVAST Free. He probado desactivando el Firewall y hasta el antivirus, y sigue igual. Por lo que no creo que sean ellos. ¿Qué hacer para que se compartan más rápido? Si necesitan alguna otra información con todo gusto la doy. Carlos Hi! I've been having a problem sharing files. I've just downloaded five torrents, each of various Gb-size. While I was downloading them, there were being shared quite well. They reached an upload speed of 30 KB/s, which is what I had set as the maximum. But now, that they're completey downloaded, these speeds don't surpass 6 KB/s - and that, only happenning during certain moments, during many others, it doesn't share anything at all. The torrents have many leechers (three of them, over a thousand), which is why I don't know why they aren't leeching from my files. I use BitComet 64-bit 1.31. I have an AXTEL 2Mb connection, and have a max download speed of 200 KB/s and about 50 KB/s for upload. I use a D-Link DIR-600 router, and AXTEL has another modem. The ports are already open and I didn't have many problems downloading them. I use Windows 7 Ultimate Ed., Windows firewall and avast! Free antivirus. I've tried disabling the firewall, and even the antivirus, but it remains the same, so I don't think that they are the cause. What to do, so that they are shared faster? If you need any additional information, I'll be happy to oblige. Carlos.
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