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Comet Passport login is available!

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Dear Users,

Thank you for your support. Comet Passport login in this forum is available finally!

The steps are as following:

Step1: Click "Sign in" at the right-hand top corner.


Step2: At the login page. Click "Signin as CometID" and you will be forwarded to the CometID login page. (CometID is the upgraded version of CometPassport)


Step3: Enter your CometPassport(CometID) account and login.


Step4: If you have verified your email address, you will be login successfully and forwarded to this forum.


If you didn't verify your email address, a message will pop out as the following screenshot, to remind you of verifying your email address first to move on. So steps will be:

Step4: Verify your email address:


Step5: At present, we can not forward the users back automatically after verifying email. Please enter the forum link to your address bar manually and get back.

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