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middle of play and stops dead

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i was checking a burn and was moving ahead on dvd and it stopped dead...

after some playing around i uninstalled...3.???

and installed the new 4.4

still nothing...

i click on mpcstar and nothing happens..zip...does not appear ..nada

i have used this for over 2 years no probs...love it...so right now i am confused and very sad..

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks

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I have one very strong suggestion:

Rewrite your post once again, then ask a person who doesn't know about your problem, to read it and tell you what s/he understood. Then modify it again until that person fully understands what your problem is.

After that add to your post the minimum technical info required on video issues (OS type, file container type, audio/video codec type, if it does play on other players or not, etc.)

Then you'll have an intelligible request for help to post instead of the one you just made.

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