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windows7 firewall; setup BC as home/work(private) or public ?

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I'm trying to figure out what the Home/work (private) and Public options, behind each rule, in my win7-firewall mean. And how they might impact BC performance. Should I setup Bitcomet as home/work(private) or Public or both?

Currently the following rules for bitcomet exist in my win7-firewall

"bitcomet.exe: home/work(private)",

and there's another tule that says "bitcomet: public"

I have windows7 64 running and my router/modem is setup correctly, Windows firewall cooperates as well, Bitcomet gives the greenlight for connection. Downloading is no problem.. I just wonder what the difference for Bitcomet will be regarding performance with one or both options.

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Also, BC automatically creates a rule in my windows firewall and sets it to private (which means pc connected to private network which is fine). But BC sometimes (I say sometimes) also creates an additional rule and sets it to "public" (which means the computer is connected to a public network like a wifi in a cafe - which my pc is not). I'm not even sure if BC is making this additional rule or something else. Do tech-staf know more about this and maybe why this occurs?

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Those profiles are not created for or concerning BitComet particularly, but for your network connection as a whole. Windows 7 allows you to use multiple network profiles and each time you connect to a new network it asks you to set the type of the network or the "profile" as they call it.

That way, Windows automatically performs certain default configurations both in network-related settings and in the firewall for that network connection.

Having different network profiles allows you, if you're a mobile user, to roam freely from one network to another (e.g. from home to work then to a public hotspot) and not have to change your network settings each time you do.

But if you have a desktop computer which has a fixed location, you'll want to usually use only one network profile (usually the one called "Home" since it's the less restrictive one).

There may be rules created for several programs in several profiles, but they are not necessary the same for each profile.

Usually for the "Home" profile, you'll have some programs for which incoming connections may be allowed (they should be for BitComet in order to get a green light) but on a public profile for instance (those will be usually restricted by default).

You should check that. If it is so, then you're OK. If not, then you should make it so.

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My Bitcomet always gives a green sign for both WAN and DHT.

One last question, if you could answer this for me please.

When BC downloads a piece from a file in a torrent (say the piece-size for the whole torrent is set to 4MB), will BC hash-check each complete piece of 4MB before writing it to disk. or will Bitcomet hash-check only if the whole file is complete or after the whole torrent has been completed?


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BitComet will hash-check each piece as it is downloaded.

BitComet will NOT hash-check after each file is downloaded. Bittorrent doesn't know from files.

BitComet will not recheck the whole torrent after download is complete unless it is specifically told to do so. Default option is not to.

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