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I have to wait 50sec before each context menu item responds

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When I rught-click on a torrent in my BT-tasklist trouble starts. From there on I have to wait 40secs before the context-menu appears, and then I have to wait 40secs before each menu-item I want to click even responds.. Does the BT tech-staff have any clue why this happens. Only on one torrent in my tasklist?

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Also, sometimes even the BT menu does this all of a sudden. After I changed settings in the torrent-file/settings/

Then when I manag to exit BT, BT wil have a grey icon on my rohght OS-taskbar saying "BT exiting"

What could be going on, and what should I do, it does absolutely nothing?

Taskmanager shows BT is eating 240MB of memory and it is not changing.

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THis usually indicates that your system is terribly busy doing something else and doesn't have enough CPU time to spare.

Download and install Process Explorer (q.g.). It will tell you which processes are using up your CPU cycles, which would be a good beginning to know what's actually taking the resources.

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