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i read about magnet URI form wiki.....it was not clear to me though,

i wanted know whether it better to use the magnet link than downloading .torrent or it is better to download .torrent file itself?

is the magnet link same as the torrent download? what i mean is do we have peers,sharing,trackers,seeding,..... in magnet download.

what is the use of the magnet, does it have any benefits over downloading .torrent?

sorry, i guess i asked lots of questions together.....but please do reply.

thank you.

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Where in the wiki did you read about Magnet Links?

Did you read this topic (What are peers, seeds, torrent, tracker, DHT, Peer Exchange (PEX), and Magnet Links?) or elsewhere?

Actually in the link above, it's explained rather detailed.

But to make it short, it is neither worse or better. It's an alternative way of initiating a download. Once your client opens the magnet link, it will actively seek and download the .torrent file for that torrent on the DHT network before creating the task in BitComet. So, the .torrent file still gets downloaded, except it's your client who will seek it.

The advantages of magnet links lie in other areas and are all explained in the link above.

If you still have questions feel free to come back and ask.

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