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Failed to save task List !!

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I have up graded my computer to windows 7 and loaded Bitcomet 1.26.

Now whenever I try to download I get the following error message

"Failed to save task list !!"

(C:\Program Files(x86)\Bitcomet\Downloads.xml)

Any help would be appreciated

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There is a link named "Read This Before Posting" on top of this page. Read it and provide the info requested within.

Additionally answer these questions:

1. What is the version of Windows 7 you use?

2. What is the status of the UAC?

3. What is the status of the system.use_app_data option on the Options-->Advanced page of BitComet?

4. Did you do a clean install of Windows 7 or just upgraded from the previous OS (i.e. keeping the installed programs and settings, etc.).

5. From what type of account are you normally running BitComet (e.g. Administrator or Limited)?

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You may find your answer in our =failed&s[]=save&s[]=task&s[]=list#what_shall_i_do_when_bitcomet_failed_to_save_task_list_and_unfinished_torrents"]wiki. and check your config following the steps below.

What shall I do when BitComet failed to save task list and unfinished torrents?

This problem has been fixed since version 1.22, if you prefer using an older version but experience this problem, please then read the following instructions:

First of all, go into the options and look at the Advanced tab. Check down near the bottom for a parameter, “system.use_app_data”. If this is set to “True”, then files like downloads.xml will be stored in your %appdata% directory. If it's set to “False”, then they'll be stored in the application directory under Program Files.

So if this switch is set to “False”, you might want to just set it to “True”, then try again and see if the problem's now solved.

If it's not then recheck the %appdata% permissions – often you need to check all the permissions for the entire tree and every node in it. The account you usually run BitComet under - normally your own - should own the directory and files, and have full control of both.

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