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Oh no .

I am collecting many point ( 28827 Point now ) and now i am going to use mac os instead of windows , and now i am losing all of them ?

I know there is some program for mac os , but there is one program can download HTTP and Torrent in high speed and it's Bitcomet .

Please make mac users happy too ...

Sorry for my bad english

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If you want to use a mac computer, then your not going to have the advantage of bitcomet's unique ability to use cross-protocol downloading, but if you want a bittorrent client for mac, then I suggest you try transmission or utorrent (mac).

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It's not probably to be considered by the development team in the near future, what with the team being caught in the process of developing the new VIP/A features, besides maintaining and the already existent product (bugfixes, new features, etc.)

But hey, we all hope for the best. :)

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You do realise those were requests from TEN YEARS ago - don't you?

MacOSand Android support have long since been added

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