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Local Network - Speed Increaser?


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Hey is it possible to - or is this feature already available?:

Have Bitcomet on multiple computers running the same torrent download and as it downloads splits the file in 2 parts across the 2 computers and then recombines the torrent files after (completion or as it downloads) together using a local connection/wifi? I say this because ive had bitcomet downloading the same torrent on two separate computers (both computers have customized settings + port forwarded for bitcomet) and had different downloading/uploading speed on both and no matter what i do i dont use up my bandwidth tube.

I'm assuming that the majority of newer connections these days have many gigabytes available with fast speeds 5mbps+. If you split the file twice (or even more) then continued to download the file with the same speeds for each 'cut up' file; you get a faster download. Also if all users have this ability, a torrent may survive longer, if seeders drop out the peers will have a piece of the complete file each t share together. Could bitcomet do this within the program instead of having to run bitcomet on multiple computers?

I know DAP (Download Accelerator Plus), a download manager is made on the same principle idea.

Original file -> Splits

-> Part 1 -> 200kbps

-> Part 2 -> 200kbps

-> Part 3 -> 200kbps



Original File -> Part 1 -> 200-300kbps

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Some of what you mention is done by every bittorrent client, the rest that you mention is also done by bitcomet.

First of all, your performance when using torrents is limited by your ability to upload, so if you run bitcomet twice, then you're reducing each computers ability to upload by half, so they will be less attrative to the better peers. You're also compounding the problem of saturated upload bandwidth making your response time slower, this alone will kill your download performance.

You'd be far better to simply adjust your settings to match your connection speed.

Also, Bitcomet has http/ftp download management built in, so it can download http/ftp tasks using upto 20 connections for each file, however bittorrent doesn't download files, it downloads pieces of files, so a large file could already be divided into thousands of pieces (or more). In otherwords, this is already built into the protocol so it doesn't need to be added.

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The only client that I'm aware of, which does this is uTorrent (it doesn't mean that there aren't others out there, I just don't know about them).

That feature is called "Local Peer Discovery" and it basically detects if there are any other BitTorrent clients (LPD-enabled) on the local network (LAN).

If it detects any, it will use it as a local peers and download/upload towards it at massive speeds (the ones of your LAN) by establishing a local connection to the peer.

That doesn't split files in 2 or 3 since BitTorrent clients DON'T download/trade files but pieces which are much smaller, so what you propose is redundant and doesn't apply in BitTorrent.

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There is no mechanism for two different instances of a bittorrent client to coordinate with each other. IOW, no client can say, "you download this part, while I download that part" -- whatever those parts may be.

Because of that, you would get a lot of redundancy in a setup like that, with both clients downloading the same piece. One or the other of those pieces would be just wasted bandwidth.

This probably could be done with enough effort, but I see very little demand for it, really. Most people's situations just wouldn't benefit from it most of the time.

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