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BitComet 1.31 Still crashing (After upgrade from 1.29)


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Hi Guys,

I decided to report on this bug that is causing my Bitcomet to crash after random completed downloads since BitComet 1.29 x64, (i.e. sometimes it crashes after a download and sometimes it doesn't). Have read up on past cases and ensured that I did not enable virus scanning on completion and also unchecked the bc! file extension option.

After upgrading to the 1.31 x64 version, the issues continued so I do not know if the issue is with with an inherent bug or with my computer. I am currently running a win 7 pro x64, have already done clean uninstallations a couple of times.

I would be trying to run the program in vista compatibility mode next so, hopefully that resolves the issue. Any other solutions would be appreciated.

Thanks and have a great year ahead guys!

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Well, the crashes, which is still continuing after finishing a download (Not with every download, but with most of them and only at that time) did not do any harm, it just crashes and start again immediately without loosing any data or torrent except ofcource some statistical data. so I am not going to download older version right now, but wait and see if this problem will be fixed with a newr version in the future. (Ps. I just finished downloading a tv epoisode meanwhile writing this message and it did not crash this time, though it crashed with the previous download 2 hours ago.

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Update on my bug, I may have found the solution.

I concur with not advising to try adminstrator mode as it WILL screw up your downloads in not being able to read the torrent files at all.

I have since set it to run compatibility with Vista and had no issues since. not a single crash even with multiple downloads.

I will be happy to try provide some data to assist the support crew if necessary.

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I have this same issue, the Bitcomet crashees or stop responding in 7 x64bits. I Have no ideia why but is really argh. After open again it will ask for verify files and sometimes the download ends and the file is corrupt.

This is .... in my XP was always fine. =/

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