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MPC Star is such a video player after using it once back in 2007, I never want to use any other video player again.

Very easy to navigate, easy access of options which are generally required (nice thought of UI), clean UI too, with support to every video format available to play. not to forget to mention here is its frequent updated versions. and most of all its totaly free.

With all these and lot more features make a very good video viewing experience. Credit goes to you people.

Hat's off to its developers!!!

I have a suggestion to make here for to add new web video format support like: .webm & .ogv

While viewing these html5 videos in browsers or other player is not a good experience, may be you people are already working on it.

I just want to make into your kind notice and congratulate and thank for such a good video player.

Keep it up the good work...



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MPCStar is an implementation of TigerPlayer. While TigerPlayer is freeware, it is not open-source, so the BitComet developers can't add or change features to it.

pretty bad, as i think the current version does not support 10bit / Hi10P anime videos.

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Format support is typically added by system filters. If you have the right filters installed, MPCStar has no difficulty playing H10P videos like the opening to Madoka, often cited as a good H10P test video, perfectly on my system. H10P is, after all, just an extension of the .H264 codec.

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