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Bookmarks opening in the same window

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I have been using CometBird since version 4.0.1 and I loved it. No other browser comes close imho. But recently I had to re-install my Win7 and then when I reinstalled CometBird, some unfavourable change occured.

My bookmarks, previously, when clicked, opened in a new tab (I like this a lot). Now when I clicked on it, it opened in the same window as the site I'm on. (e.g. Facebook opened in a tab, clicked on Youtube bookmark and the FB tab turned into Youtube).

How can I revert the change that I desired? This may be a noob question but I'm in a fix. Please help.

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There was a change in the source code provided by mozilla, I forget what version the change happened in, but in my opinion it's a "non-issue". Try this simple work-a-round.

Click the right mouse button and select "open in new tab".

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