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The VIP service is much like a VPN but with significant advantages, however it still has problems so we (forum staff) aren't recommending it until it becomes more stable.

Hopefully someday soon it will meet all our expectations.

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I did not know that bitcomet had one. I too hope it becomes more stable!!! do you know if it will allow uploading of is it going to be like most vpn's and block the ports?

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Actually when it works properly it's much faster then any vpn. When using even the best vpn, the very best you can upload at is what your internet connection supports minus the speed lost when the traffic is funneled through the remote vpn computer, but with bitcomet vip the torrents are run on the remote computer that can upload much faster then any residential internet connection can, then you can download the files as fast as your connection will support. In theory it's perfect, but getting from design to stable operating system has been a long slow process.

If you want to read more you can check our vip section of the forum.

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