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How to change the download unit

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Queenie, some other clients automatically switch from kB/s to mB/s when the speed is greater than 1024kB/s.

My personal feeling is that making such a change would be a VERY low priority issue so I wouldn't consider doing it if it required a lot of work but some members may prefer if it did. When I witnessed this behavior in another client I thought it was annoying to have the units change back and forth, but it did make viewing the speed easier when your columns were narrow.

I do agree that kB/s would be more accurate, if all tasks displayed in mB/s it would be difficult to tell when tasks were downloading and many tasks could complete while never displaying as much as 1mB/s speed considering you'd need at least 1024kB/s speed to reach 1mB/s on display, or perhaps 512kB/s if you coded it to display the closest whole number, but I've seen many tasks that never achieve such speeds.

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Why? All you have to do is look at the speed and divide by 1024. As it's not very likely to hit 10 MB/s, it shouldn't require a math genius to work it out (and anyway, ISPs always quote a download of 'up to' in Mb/s (that's MegaBITS and there are 8 Mb in a MB)

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The Speeed Column use smart technology, It changed to KB to MB whenever it reaches to 1024KBPS.. This is for good .. let me explain..

let us take a example here, Im downloading a file with the speed of 600KBps and the the Meter set to MB then it will show in MB which a common user cant see the exact download speed .If the speed show in KB then then user definitely have a accurate knowledge of his download speed.. So when the Speed increased above 1024KBps then the speed meter automatically changes from KB to MB and then changed to MB to KB if speed decreases from 1MBPS...

Hope you got the answer.. :D

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