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Auto retry failed write

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I've moved my storage to a NAS. It is available as a share on win7. Now downloads sometimes fail with the error like:

"2013-10-12 10:47:23 Failed writing file: The.Frozen.Ground.2013.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY.mp4 [The specified network name is no longer available]"

And do not resume until I manually resume.

Is there a way for bitcomet to retry autmatically? The failure is temporary, if it retried, it would continue.

As it is, bitcomet becomes useless since it requires constant monitoring.


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You have an intermittent network connection problem, If you cannot find and fix the problem the only solution I can recommend would be to download to a local disc then move the completed download to your networked drive for storage and long term sharing.

My guess would be the router is the cause of the problem.

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Actually, I'm afraid it's rather Windows' implementation of SMB that sucks. I used to get that kind of error as well.

You should try to mount the NAS drive into a folder which is on the local drive; at least that would get you rid of the issue with the disappearing net path, maybe.

Sure enough if the drive goes missing for a while, as far as Windows in concerned, Bitcomet might still balk but perhaps it will resume (I don't know how exactly it works internally, and I've never tested this particular aspect nor can I at this moment).

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