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I just buy 5$ vip

i want to download 1 Gb from 358Gb

AND i Deselect all other files so the remaining is 1 gb

BUT !!! when i press vip its say: Required 358 the remaining bandwidth is 10 gb NOT ENOUGH !!!!!

why i just select 1gb only!!!



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The answer is complicated because bittorrent protocol wasn't designed to do partial downloads and it took a considerable amount of development to add this ability to a bittorrent client. This is because it would need to know how to download and handle the parts of your selected files that also contain parts of non-selected files. BitComet does this by creating a temporary file so each downloaded piece can be retained in it's entirety even though you don't need the entire piece.

There are also other unique problems that would need to be solved in order for VIP to work the way you are attempting to get it to work because the remote servers that run the torrent on your behalf rely on their ability to upload large amounts of data in order to get your data and if you only select a very small piece of that torrent the server will either have to download all 300+ GB of the data in order to do it efficiently or it could suffer the same performance problems you are likely having when you are very selective about what you want and what you have to share.

At some point in the future the developers plan to add similar technology to VIP but in the mean time while it's in beta testing it works only on the task size so you would need to find a torrent that contains only the files you need in order to use VIP.

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