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New Little child name for whiners-"POTP"


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I am submitting a request to Oxford in the regards that "POTP" become formally known as Part Of The Problem".Perhaps the people reading this can suggest other nomeclatures.I am a huge fan of Robert A Heinlien and TAANSTAFL is appropriate in this post.If you don't contribute positive, don't be suprised at the negative....

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There is also No Such Thing As Free Shipping.

I think it's insulting when shipping is advertised as "free". I prefer to know how much of the cost is for shipping, and more important how much I can save if I combine shipping.

This is much like the "No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" If someone is buying you lunch, they are usually hoping to get something much more valuable from you so be careful... and I strongly suggest you not eat their food if you've already rejected whatever plans they proposed.

I'd also be weary of "all you can eat" specials. I was at an Crab shack that had all you can eat specials and the first 3-4 servings were excellent, but then it seemed they were serving me the crabs that weren't moving, or undersized, or just didn't smell right. If I ever went back there I'd probably ask how many servings I can order before they stop serving me the good stuff. I'd rather know upfront how much they will cheerfully serve me and I will stop there, instead of lying to me and making me sick if I believe them... just like I'd like to know how much of a $10 purchase is for the shipping and how much is for the product.

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Just kidding.Most people in the world are actually just and kind.It only takes a few sour grapes to spoil the whole.They do not pay you rent for living inside your mind so why give them the spaceIn addition. If you eat at a crab shack, excepct the worst, I prefer my crabs freshly caught outside of mariners harbour British Columbia, sitting on the beach while the crab pot boils and looking at the stars.No booze,good songs,no drugs,hint hint.tons of stuff out there waiting

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