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Almost all the commerical video streaming companies in China use the torrent protocals to deliver their content. However when I try to use torrents from outside of China I get no speed or very slow speeds. I can only connect with peers inside the Great China Firewall.

So if I want to download something like GIMP in English I need to use a VPN. However if I want to download Games of Throwns with Chinese Subtitles, no problem.

I was wondering if there are any public Chinese trackers that might give me access to more Chineses seeders and I'd get better speed without resorting to a VPN.


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I'm sorry but the staff in this forum aren't from china so we probably won't be of much help, but the development team does operate a chinese forum where users will be more familiar with these issues.

BitComet Chinese Forum http://www.cometbbs.com/

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