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I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these

Hello Big Bird and congratulations on achieving Marshall. I am a proud BitComet user and highly recommend this torrent client. I have my projected target in maybe June 2016 for personally achieving So

Senior Colonel Rank 28 Current Score: 39588 View scoring details [37800/40600(Senior Colonel)]

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I am a 12-star Marshall.  That's a term that I coined ... just means I have gone through the 0-100% level on the Marshall level 12 times (and for some reason have not been bumped to the next higher rank (or the one above that (which by now, I should have))).

Is there something that is blocking me from being promoted?  NORMALLY you only have to do the 0-100% thing 3 or 4 times before you are bumped up to the next level (and not over 12 as I have).

Any suggestions?  I know in the overall scheme of things, it doesn't really matter, just frustrating.

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