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BitComet is constantly freezing/crashing

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I installed latest version of BitComet on a clean installation of Windows 10 (x64), but the application is freezing and then crashing constantly. I open it and resume torrents downloading, but after a minute or so it stops responding and I have to shut it. However, it crashes so badly that I can't even kill the process on Task Manager immediately, I have to wait a few instants before the process is terminated. When I start BitComet, I have to hash check every torrent due to the crashes, which is really annoying. Why is BitComet freezing so constantly? Will reinstalling BitComet fix the freezing/crashing? Thanks in advance.

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Go to Tools > Options > Disk Cache and change the default settings to these ones:

• Minimal disc cache size: 50

• Maximal disc cache size: 1024

• Shrink disc cache if free physical memory lower than: 500

• Cache size for HTTP: 2048

Your BitComet was freezing probably because you HDD was overworked. We'll fix this issue by increasing the amount of memory used for cache.

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