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Bitcomet no longer working for me.


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I never had a problem using Bitcomet before, but after upgrading to Windows 10, I get “There was a problem sending the command to the program.” whenever I try to download a torrent. This happens on multiple torrent sites.

Bitcomet version: 1.41

Browser used: Mozilla Firefox 47

OS: Windows 10

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This error happens mostly because Firefox sends the magnet link or the bittorrent URI with wrong parameters to BitComet.

Follow these steps, and tell us if your problem has been fixed.

1. Close Firefox

2. Uninstall BitComet

3. Reinstall BitComet

4. Open BitComet and set this up:

  • Tools > Options > Integration > Always become the default torrent client on startup
  • Tools > Options > Integration > Check Now (right next to "Always become the default torrent client on startup")

5. Apply the new settings

5. Open Firefox and set this up:

  • Options > Applications > bittorrent URI > Use BitComet - a BitTorrent Client
  • Options > Applications > magnet > Use BitComet - a BitTorrent Client

6. Test it, and tell us the results

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