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On 2/3/2017 at 4:01 AM, Rhubarbfian said:

My 'technique' is dead simple. I run an hour at full data rate (to get the 1 GB upload) and then 9 hours at reduced rate to gain the extra 18 points. It's '18' because there were two 'hour' points from the initial burst. It's all done while I'm in bed. If there's a short term period when the server goes down, then I just stay on for a while longer (gotta love the 'scheduler')

we also get upload credit for stopped tasks that upload via LTseed, but this only happens when your connection is idle. If I employed a strategy like yours I'd be much higher than Marshall by now, but I often have no downloads running for weeks get most of my points for LTseed upload while the computer is idle, and doing this keeps the torrents from dying. As long as there is at least one bitcomet peer and one longterm seed, no peers of any client will be stuck with a dead torrent.

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There is something that does not convince me: for many months now, despite the high upload, I increase of only 20 points a day;  but if this were the same for everyone, the ranking should be the same. well, although I'm always connected 24/7 I have "dropped" from 706 to 734(ranking). how is it possible? It seems obvious that in some areas the situation is different. I'm Gianni, from italy.

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Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the database (it's completely erratic and scoring varies from 20 to 80 as far as I can see).

As the problem would be on the server, there is nothing anyone here can do as we don't have access. All that can be done is to notify the devs (who are unpaid and do this in their spare time) and wait for them to get a chance to trace the fault and then fix it.

Regarding 'scoring' - it's all for fun anyway as it won't get you any beer

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It's true, you're right about the fact that the points do not serve to buy beer, although the idea of "the-unusual-suspect", ie to use them to buy virtual items is nice and interesting. But it is also true that noone of those who, like me, keep the computer turned on 24/7 for 10 years are paid. So tell me, considering the diminishing supply of torrents, and the increasing supply of high-quality streaming of all kinds, at increasingly bargain price(up to 5EUR monthly without limits), and above all available immediately and just when you want.....what else remains, with the exception of a few more and more suffered torrents a month, if we exclude this little fun.  Please, forgive me all, but this is unfortunately the harsh truth, at least in my area.

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