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Downloads vanish after windows 10 shutdown and Login issues

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I have come across a major problem wherein my tasks on bitcomet is completed gone , when my windows is shutting down. This problem never happened on windows 7 , and 8 as far as  i am concerned but only on windows 10 this occurs.

Many here have suggested to close bitcomet before shutting the windows, but as you know i sometimes forget to close bitcomet.

Is there any fix for this?? 

Also i'm unable to login to my username for a while now on the Bitcomet client. 

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Logging in - server is down, sorry

Regarding W 10 - I'm running the fast track betas with no problem. Bitcomet should do a 'soft' close down when you exit and also when you log off Windows. The only time that's likely to fail is if you just power down (without doinmg a shutdown) or if you force a restart (in which case, the data won't be saved)

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