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After rebooting, some torrents won't resume

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I have noticed this problem for a long time even on separate PCs. I can add a torrent and when it picks up it can be jamming along at 500k a second. Then if I hibernate my Windows and reawaken later, the torrents will just never pick up again. My ports are open (green) and no firewall except Windows which I have permitted Bitcomet through. 

Sometimes I have deleted them and started over and they will pick up again. Weird to see 3 month old torrents stuck where they left off.

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'Hibernation' can do strange things and it's best not to have the ability to hibernate/sleep while you're downloading and files can become corrupt. I disable the 'shut down' and sleep/hibernate on all drives on the desktop machine.

It's far better to shut the program down first and give it time to cache the files before closing down anything

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