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Bitcomet yellow light port blocked

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Hey everybody, so I was torrenting just fine until 2 days ago when I noticed none of my downloads would start or wouldn't get past 50kb per second. I noticed the yellow port blocked light. Currently, I am on a road trip using my galaxy as a hotspot (I have verizon) so I can't imagine this is a router issue, especially considering this method had been working before. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. I have created exceptions in malwarbytes, uninstalled Norton, created new firewall rules in windows firewall and still nothing. No matter what port I randomly select, they continue to be blocked, even if I create a specific UDP rule for the port number that bitcomet is currently using. It's really pissing me off that I can't download anything from piratebay, as I have little on my computer for entertainment currently, and rarely have internet access

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I know of no mobile broadband companies that allow access to open a port. Mobile broadband is only half of an internet connection, they usually work fine for surfing the web, direct downloads, but you cannot get incoming remote peer connections, nor can you run a webserver or virtual server. You can still download, but only you can initiate a connection, but you can never connect to another user with a blocked port, also those peers actively looking to trade often get their max number of peers long before they receive your random connection to them. Think of it as a phone with no ringer, you can only complete a call if you dial it and they are there to answer, as they cannot return the call, just want for you to call back and maybe then they may be available, however the download still should work. If they are extremely slow, then it could be that your provider throttles bittorrent traffic. You can try changing your settings on protocol encryption and see if that helps. Sometimes encrypted protocol headers can fool most throttling software.   You can also contact your provider and ask if you can have a dedicated port for incoming connections. If they allow it, it would surprise me, but can't hurt to ask. If you don't want to mention what you are using it for, you could tell them that you are required by your employer to receive incoming connections and need at least one open port dedicated to your device. Good luck with that and if you succeed please let us know because I may be interested in using them as a carrier. 

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